Splitting after 27 years of togetherness: Why did Jen Hatmaker get Divorced?

Having announced her divorce from Brandon Hatmaker in July, Jen Hatmaker is making headlines again. A year after her divorce, she wrote a status update on Instagram about how she was doing.

A Christian speaker and author, Jen Hatmaker, hails from the United States. Her debut book, Ms Understood: Rebuilding the Feminine Equation, was published in 2008 and quickly became a bestseller. She currently has over 516k Instagram followers and 750k Facebook fans, and she hosts a popular podcast.

Brandon Hatmaker and Jen were best friends in college. She was raised in a highly pious household and adhered to the teachings of Christianity. As a member of the church staff, she was well-liked. When Jen and Brandon first met, they were both students at Oklahoma State University.

When Jen was only 19 years old, they were married. People in their immediate vicinity thought the couple’s marriage was beautiful since it was founded on Christian principles and love.

Sydney, Caleb, and Gavin are their biological children, while Remy and Ben are their adoptive children. They brought Remy and Ben back with them when they returned from Ethiopia. Jen is always there for her children and never afraid to speak up for them. In this article, we will talk about why did Jen hatmaker get divorced. 

What do we know about Jen Hatmaker, her career, and her lifestyle?

Jen hatmaker career and lifestyle

“My Big Family Renovation,” a reality television program, featured the couple and their five children. The episode focused on the family’s efforts to repair their home and strengthen their relationship. Brandon Hatmaker is the pastor of Austin New Church, in addition to his work on reality television.

The pair was the church’s top leaders and ran the religious institution as a unit. Jen, however, was expelled from the church board after publicly expressing her support for same-sex marriage and the LGBT+ community. Donald Trump’s ideas have dragged her down as an evangelical Christian author and speaker.

Jen Hatmaker has supported her daughter, Sydney Hatmaker, who has come out as a lesbian. Her podcast, ‘For the Love,’ also encouraged Sydney to speak about her experiences. My mother’s daughter spoke about her difficulties in coming to terms with her sexuality. She said that she was just pretending to be straight since she was, in fact, attracted to women.

As a mother, Jen is wholly committed to her daughter’s well-being and has no desire to alter anything. So, the question why did jen hatmaker get divorced doesn’t really matter to her anymore. Her lack of acceptability by the Christian community resulted in her being expelled from the church board and losing her admirers and her career.

Why did Jen Hatmaker get divorced from her husband?

Jen hatmaker relationship

Jen did admit that the family was in a challenging position, but she insisted that a breakup was still unlikely. The cause of the divorce remains a mystery. Rumours and suspicions regarding Brandon’s extramarital affair and Jen’s support for the LGBT+ community have been widespread among fans since the couple has kept their relationship a secret from the rest of the world.

As soon as the allegations started circulating, Jen requested her fans not to spread rumours and that the reasons for the divorce were between her and her ex-husband. Brandon was also harassed by inquiries, threats, and requests for information about the divorce from her admirers. Stop interfering in his personal life and wait for developments, he said. Why did jen hatmaker get divorced is a question which they do not wish to answer directly. He promised to announce his forthcoming initiatives shortly but asked that people refrain from inquiring about their divorce.

In a series of touching emails and photos, Jen offered her admirers an update on her personal life. She is now in Bar Harbor, Maine, with her two closest pals, Megan and Lisa. Healing her body and generating fresh memories are some of the things she’s doing. She also mentioned meeting a new guy at the camp and how pleased she was with him.

Jen and Brandon legally divorced in September of 2020. Jen’s supporters and followers were requested to pray for them and respect their privacy in a Facebook post. She made it clear to everyone there that she, too, was taken aback and devastated. They had no idea it was going to end in divorce. People were kind to her, and she thanked them and pleaded for safety and energy so that she could begin the process of healing and rebuilding from the ground up.

What was the reason for their separation?

reason for their separation

When a couple splits up, it’s common for others to wonder whether one of them was cheating on the other. If you are wondering about the question why did jen hatmaker get divorced then we can’t give you a solid answer. After Jen Hatmaker said she was divorcing her spouse of two years, the same rumours started flying. Brandon hasn’t spoken anything about the split. In her Instagram post, Jen penned an extensive message for her fans.

The separation was confirmed on Jen’s Instagram page. In the lengthy caption, Jen claimed she is “shocked, grief-stricken and broken-hearted.” She did not divulge the cause or the facts of the divorce and begged her supporters to remember them in their prayers. “Interloper who revels in another’s agony,” she said, “please spare them from your brutality.”

Hundreds of Jen’s supporters came out in support of the author and Christian speaker. The article received lengthy responses from people who wanted to support Jen and her family at this difficult time. Brandon Hatmaker and Jen Hatmaker’s Instagram profiles show no evidence of a divorce. Both have kept their personal lives out of the public eye and continued on their own courses.