Season 9 Vampire Diaries: Will there be a Last Segment of The Vampire Diaries?

The rumors are in the air about the paranormal, and the mystical city of mystic falls will be back again with its season finale that could hold for its viewers more magic, blood, friendship, and a test of romance, of course, vampires. It has been five years since the season finale, and now the question is whether or not the fans are still interested in going for season 9 vampire diaries. The series, an adaptation of the best-selling collection of L.J Smith with the same name, debuted on The CW in 2009. The series starts in a beautiful yet not-so-average town of Mystic falls that has secrets yet to be unraveled by the star teens of the show. The story mainly revolves around the unique but dangerous love triangle of Elena, Damon, and his brother Stefan and how their decisions affect the human and non-human co-habitants. Season 8 featured a few unresolved storylines, some deaths of notable characters, and happy endings, all wrapped in an epic episode. The makers made sure they created a natural conclusion to the show, tied all the loose ends, and bid farewell to all its characters, leaving little or no space for a season 9 vampire diaries.

Chances of having Season 9 Vampire Diaries: 

Season 9 vampire diaries plot

10 September 2009 saw the release of one of the most loved and sensational teen dramas with perfect amounts of supernatural, love, and mystery elements. It became a super-hit show as it was released on CW. After running 8 successful seasons, it finally declared its season finale, which aired on 10 March 2009. This fantastic show had 171 episodes divided over 8 seasons, leaving no scope for season 9 vampire diaries. It was also named the most-watched series on CW and won many accolades in various award nominations. The show has won People’s choice awards four times and numerous teen choice awards.

The probability of having a season 9 vampire diaries looks pretty meek. That is because the 8th season depicted how after leading a happy and long human life, Elena and Damon together decease peacefully. Eventually, Elena reunites with her real parents, John and Jenna, back in Gilbert’s home in her afterlife. Whereas Damon is shown reuniting with Stefan by the end of the season. The side characters also see a happy ending where Caroline and Alaric start a school for the supernatural in memory of Stefan Salvatore, where children of Alaric, Caroline and Klaus, and other supernatural kids are shown studying facing their own problems in the spinoff Legacies.

What can fans expect in Season 9 Vampire Diaries?

It was a rough season, but it finished with everyone coming to terms with what happened. For the sake of saving his sibling, Stefan would give up his life. Before he left, he’d make sure Damon was human. Elena married Damon after that. There will be no more threats from Katherine now that she has been sent to hell. As a result, Elena would be able to get out of the spell of slumber. There, Bonnie would be of assistance.
As a medical practitioner, Elena would be able to spend time at Stefan’s grave. They finally passed away, having lived their lives to the fullest. Elena and Damon are reunited with their families. In the other world, they are reunited with their loved ones in their separate homes.

Season 9 vampire diaries release date

Soon after the 1st anniversary of the ending of the vampire diaries, Stefan Salvatore, played by Paul Wesley, in an interview, told how the show would have concluded a year earlier. Still, it kept going, and how it figured as they thought the show was running out of the story and they had already told the story they wanted to show. The female lead, played by Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert, had declined to play her role in April 2015, and she also left the show after season 6, but she did make a comeback as a voiceover artist in season 7. Therefore the season 9 vampire diaries seem highly unlikely.

Season 8 exhibited a good run where it solved all the unresolved storylines. It answered all queries and explained the death of notable characters. Happy endings for most characters, the beautiful and magical tale of Stefan, Elena, and Damon, and all the relaxations that followed in Mystic fall reached a full circle for the characters. The fans, however, are still hoping that the season 9 vampire diaries must happen, which should be on the cards. While the question mark still looms over the new and final installment of the beloved series, the fans are still left with spinoffs like Legacies. This shows the life after the vampire diaries and new adventures and Originals that reveal the root of all the mystery and thus the past of vampire diaries that the fans can continue to enjoy.