Rekindling of the Romantic Sparks: Fire in his Fingertips Season 2 release date, plot, recap and more

Smut anime seldom gets a second season, but Fire in his Fingertips is one of those few exceptions. Fire in his Fingertips Season 2 was announced, and release information is also revealed. This is one of the most endearing examples of josei anime animation. It’s easy to follow, and there’s plenty of outstanding fan service along the way. Fire in his Fingertips is based on the manga Fire In His Fingertips: A Flirty Fireman Ravishes Me with His Smoldering Gaze. The manga was authored by Tanishi Kawano and published by Suiseisha. It was serialized in Screamo magazine. Tanishi Kawano’s manga has spanned 4 volumes and has been on the run since July 2018.

A year after the manga publication, it was turned into an anime by ComicFesta. The anime was shown on TokyoMX beginning on July 7, 2019. Toshihiro Watase, the director, and Studio Hkiboshi were responsible for the animation. Shortly after that, the comic gained a lot of popularity as people loved the premise and the connection between the characters. It is not unexpected that fans entirely love the notion of a second season, considering that the series has every characteristic of an adult Josei anime.

Fire in his Fingertips Season 1

Fire in his Fingertips Season 1

The first season focused on a love story between two people. 24-year-old professional lady Ryo Fujihashi and her fireman childhood buddy Souma Mizuno. Following the failure of her set-up with a coworker, she concludes that Souma is a womanizer.

However, following a series of events, Ryo’s flat catches fire. Souma comes to her rescue, but she is left with nowhere to go. Some invite her to stay with him at his apartment, where they have some of their most humorous and endearing moments together. Souma admits to Ryo that he has loved her for a long time as the anime progresses, and Ryo also starts to develop feelings for him.

Fire in his Fingertips Season 2 is a very good story with a lot of character development. The televised version was heavily trimmed for transmission. However, the original uncensored version of the anime was published at ComicFesta. There are a total of 8 episodes in the series.

Fire in his Fingertips Season 2 Release Date

Fire in his Fingertips Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Fire in his Fingertips was announced in January 2021. “My Lover Is A Firefighter” will be season two’s title (Koibito was Shouboushi). Fire in his Fingertips The premiere date for Season 2 was July 4, 2021. The anime will bring back all the actors from season one and perhaps some other new people.

In the uncut version, Itou Kento will reprise his role as Souma Mizuno’s voice actor. At the same time, Natsumi Takamori will play the role of Ryo Fujihashi, Tomohiko Takatsuka will play Yuki Izumi, and Wataru Kamado will play Jun Hase. The original version to be published on ComicFesta will star Tengu Margarine, Ion Mamoyama, Kinniku Li, and Yu Asagi as Souma, Ryo, Yuki, and Jun, respectively.

Fire in His Fingertips Season 2: Plot

Fire in His Fingertips Season 2 Plot

The second season, “My Lover is a Firefighter” (Koibito was Shouboushi), is coming out shortly. The upcoming season’s storyline promises to be tense and unpredictable, and it seems like Ryo and Souma’s romance will be explored in great detail.

Ryo and Souma begin dating around the conclusion of season one. They’re closer than ever before, both mentally and physically. As they come closer, an invisible obstacle crosses their way. Rei Hidaka, Ryo’s ex-boyfriend, and childhood buddy comes to her place of employment. Fire in His Fingertips season 2 will take us through the memories of their past when the three used to be friends. In the present, Ryo makes an effort to avoid being entangled with him, but he is forced to work with him owing to several reasons.

The second season can be expected to put their relationship to the test. Whether Ryo caves into the old flame of love or not will be an interesting twist in the plot

Fire in His Fingertips Season 1 Recap

One of the most well-known smut anime series right now. It seemed only logical that the anime would return for a second season after the first season’s popularity. We were expecting this because we hoped to see more Ryo and Souma stuff. A fresh update on the supporting cast and narrative information was provided recently. What’s even better news is that Fire in his Fingertips season 2 new PV has also come out. Excited to know more? Everything is taken care of!

“Fire in His Fingertips” is an anime that fans will love to watch.  Following a lot of romantic occurrences and moments of jealousy, they come together and cultivate their romance. The series was published in two versions since many people aren’t comfortable with the series’ more graphic scenes. The first was the on-air version, and the other was the premium version, which was uncensored. The casts of voice actors used in each edition were likewise distinct.