Let the Beast inside you awaken: All you need to know about Beastars Season 3 release date, plot, characters and more

The manga by Paru Itagaki is the inspiration for the action/drama series Beastars. Studio Orange produced an anime version of the mangal. Before its global debut on Netflix in 2020, the adaptation was only shown in the United States and Canada in 2019. Netflix will begin broadcasting the whole second season on July 15, 2021.

The story follows Legoshi, a young wolf in a world filled with anthropomorphic animals, one split between predators and herbivores. Both the groups are always fighting against each other as carnivores must overcome their natural impulse to eat their friends. Legoshi is thrust into the thick of a murder investigation and a love triangle after the death of a fellow herbivore student and his contact with Haru, the school’s only female rabbit. In the aftermath of Season 2’s recent release, fans are already wondering if they will get to witness a continuation of the series. Their dreams may not come true very soon, though. No matter what happens, a third season is going to get released. Here is all we know so far about Beastars Season 3.

Beastars Season 3: Are the fans getting a third season of the anime?

Beastars Season 3 release date

Fantastic news for lovers of Beastars; Studio Orange has officially renewed the beloved anime series for season 3. While Beastars is a Netflix original anime series, the platform only owns the international broadcasting rights — implying that any renewal choice is decided by Studio Orange and the Japanese partners. Fortunately, the studio immediately started to take advantage of the buzz around the series, officially announcing the release of Beastars Season 3 in July 2020 While not many fans would be too startled by Cherryton Academy’s return, given Beastars’ worldwide fame and availability of source material. According to recent sources, Beastars season 3 will be released in the second half of 2022 or 2023.

What is the story of Beastars Season 3?

Beastars Season 3 plot

The rumors about the official launch of Beastars season 3 by Studio Orange and Netflix are already doing rounds. The question of if Legoshi wants to continue at the school or not is one we may look into. They could also give some insight into his love life and connection with Haru. There are possibilities that Louis, Haru, and Jack may accompany Legoshi on his expedition. There are great possibilities that season 3 of Beastars will get other new characters like Yahya. If the anime is faithful to the manga, Louise and Legoshi will have to go and confront their Father Figure. There is quite a lot of excitement and thrill on their journey as they strive to work further towards bridging the gap between the herbivores and carnivores. The events create an opportunity for a transfer into Season 3 that should convert the manga beginning with where Season 2 left off at the start of Volume 12. Legoshi meets two new herbivores, Merino and Yahya. Meanwhile, Legoshi and Louis must “come to terms with their father figures.” As a result, if and when Beastars Season 3 is released, the episodes are going to be filled with drama and thrill.

Beastars Season 3: What’s Been Happening So Far?

Beastars Season 3 recap

There is an unspoken battle between herbivores and carnivores in Beastars Season 3, which shows the animals living together in the same environment. However, when they kill an alpaca, Tem, in school, mayhem ensues. His friend, Legoshi, the wolf, finds himself wrapped up in the circumstances of his comrade’s death, his confusing feelings about his actual nature, and his love for Haru, the rabbit. His buddy, Louis, is Cherryton academy’s theatrical club secretary.

The second season of Beastars, based on the manga published in the Weekly Shonen Champion, illustrates the next plot arc of how the All Organism Council establishes the requirements for the next Beastar as someone who would be able to solve Tem’s murder. To everyone’s surprise, after graduating from high school, Louis finds a job in Shisgigumi. Legoshi and Louis’s combat opened up the door to issues for Legoshi that hampered his relationship with Haru. Finally, Legoshi encounters Tem’s murderer, and he beats Riz. The series ends with a really exciting note which could serve as the foundation for Beastars Season 3. That is all we had about the third season of Beastars. This article should give you an idea of the release date, plot, cast, and a recap of the Beastars anime series.