Killing Stalking Release date: The Gloomy Veracity of Love

Killing Stalking (Hangul: 킬링 스토킹) is a 67-chapter Manhwa written and drawn by Koogi that first appeared on November 23, 2016, and finished in early 2019. It earned the 100,000,000 Grand Prize at the Second Lezhin World Comics Contest. It was released online in Korean and English by Lezhin Comics. It’s stated that it will get an anime adaptation, but will it be in 2022?

The Killing Stalking series has been contentious due to the author’s plot line in which the Lover gets violent and begins to ruin his love by beating and demeaning extremely. We have always liked someone in life for their personality or physical appearance or simply because we like that person for no reason. Still, when that person becomes a close one and essential in our life, we change, or that person begins to change, and things change, whether for the better or, the worse. Even though this series depicts a negative aspect of the beautiful word LOVE

Killing Stalking: All about its Plot 

Killing Stalking Plot

Yoon Bum, a young, mentally sick guy with a traumatic history, is the novel’s protagonist. After falling in love with Oh Sangwoo, a military colleague who protected him from a rape attempt, he attempts to break into Sangwoo’s home when he is away. Yoon Bum discovers a damaged lady in Sangwoo’s dungeon. It is later found by Sangwoo, who turns out to be a serial murderer. Sangwoo subsequently fractures his legs and kidnaps him. Despite Yoon Bum’s prior feelings for him, Sangwoo forces Bum into a violent and exploitative relationship. This series is filled with Drama, Horror, and Physiological aspects and is advised to see with maturity and see the real side of this rather than the one stated by other fans.

Killing Stalking: When Is It Coming Out?

When is Killing Stalking Out

The release date for Killing Stalking Anime has yet to be determined. After it has been formally declared, we will publish an update. The anime series Killing Stalking is currently one of the most popular, with new episodes being released regularly. One of the main reasons why Killing Stalking Anime has become so famous is because of its captivating storyline, which has prompted people to look for Killing Stalking Anime. Due to its physiological aspects, fans wait for it to launch as soon as possible.

Killing Stalking: Review by Fans

KIlling Stalking Fan Reviews

Some fans are dissatisfied with Killing Stalking. It is somewhat mentally provoking. While some fans of Killing Stalking (KS) identify with the tale and characters, others criticize Bum for his conduct and acts against Sangwoo. Others are outraged that people are shipping Bum and Sangwoo, whose relationship is nothing more than an abuser and a victim. Some fans have also been critical of Seungbae, even though he was the one who saved Bum. They are furious at Bum for abandoning Sangwoo. While some fans justify these remarks, others are shipping and pulling for Bum and Sangwoo.

Any author should refrain from normalizing rape and abuse. Neither supporters’ anger at the inventor is justified. Sharing your beliefs is OK, but pushing your ideas on someone who is just performing their job on their own will is wrong. Neither the author, who is just performing their job, nor any fans, who only express their opinions, are in error. Understanding the task and receiving feedback on your work is more professional and respectable.

Many admirers have also attempted to excuse the author’s behavior. Some argue thatRape and abuse are romanticized by the author. On the other hand, the author has rejected all of these allegations. However, the artwork and fanart created by Kogi (the creator) contradict their claim.

Will there be an anime adaptation of Killing Stalking?

Danny Duncan Anime Adaption

There are several fan-created Killing Stalking cartoons, but no official company has made such pronouncements. So, for the time being, we cannot anticipate an anime adaptation of Killing Stalking to be released in 2022. However, if a studio recognizes its potential, we may see an announcement for the same. Buy it. However, its release date is still unknown.

The ChAosOPUS, a horror-focused Indie company (mOss studio), is working on a 3D animation project called Killing Stalking. They’ve taken up the mission of Killing Stalking, and even the author is eager to help. When you look at it, it seems that the job has been completed to a large extent. Many fans would also want to see a Japanese animated film.