Junkyard Empire: How did Bobby and Andy Cohen Establish Their Empire?

This automobile restoration show focuses on restoring old junk cars that have been abandoned, auctioned, or discovered anywhere. The video shows us reconstructing a vehicle, a motorcycle, a boat, a home, or any other kind of heavy machinery. Their goal is to make diamonds out of coal. Taking an old automobile and transforming it into a sleek new car that is even better than the original. The program has aired on Discovery Channel since 2015 and has received a lot of positive feedback from viewers owing to its high-quality material. The most suitable part is that this program also has a father-son pair that fights over but still manages to be good at last, which appeals to the audience’s thoughts of family.

Who are the Cast and crew in Junkyard Empire?

Junkyard Cast and Crew

Bobby Cohen is the one who founded the junkyard around 25 years ago. Cameron Young is the director of Junk Yard. Bobby Cohen is known for the Junkyard Empire. He plays the acting part. Tim Jumbelick is one of the prominent producers. Blair Victor Brylawski is also a part of the provisional team.

All of them work in drama motive to provide the best experience to the audience sometimes they over-act which makes user to thinks the show is not authentic or could say doesn’t suit the audience as this show is mainly based on the repairing which exhibits to exciting part in one’s life which one can relate.

How many episodes and where to watch them?

Junkyard number of episodes and where to watch

Junkyard empire has been constant over the years and loved by users worldwide because of the drama. The reality of car restoration feels real to watch on the television screen now. The show is available on Amazon Prime, Vudu, JustWatch, and other platforms. This series has been one of the earliest ideas which audiences prefer to watch. It has five seasons to date, with the last episode aired on 3 April 2022, and the first season was released in 2015. The show has been a success throughout the years and is still expected to continue until any of the unknown reasons come across 

How was the Junkyard Empire Built?

How was Junkyard Empire built

Junkyard Empire was built by Bobby Cohen, an old-school businessman who founded this scrap yard in his youth. While on the other hand, Andy is an old man with experience. To your Knowledge, both of them have already retired halfway. The central part is that they are ready to fight and have an argumental conversation before or during the project. Despite this behavior, the duo finally completed their final output without a doubt. This scenario of the relationship between the father and pair speaks quite promising as it adds an essence of drama over the restoration part, which the audience likes. Bobby is a guy who likes to work according to his mood and time. He wants to work while adding some fun, whereas the father, Andy, is a severe man and believes in hard work and commitment. These guys are making gold out of dust.

How Much Money Do Andy and Bobby Make from the Junkyard Empire?

Junkyard Empire Net Worth

The family’s primary income isn’t the Junkyard show as you expected. It’s their family business which was there before the starting of the show, that is, their family shop, Cohen recycling. Damascus Motors is also part of their income for them. They, too, have a loyal customer base. The income generated from the show has a different aspect. According to the reports, the show hasn’t contributed much to their income. The exhibit has young audiences as the young are generally interested in scrapping and rebuilding. Hence, the show provides them exposure moreover. Many people visit their yard just to meet them because of their audience.  

Do you Know These Facts About Junkyard Empire?

Junkyard Empire Unkown Facts

There are many shows on the TV like this, but Andy still manages to run their business off the camera. Around $5 million is the income of the Junkyard Empire, and Andy’s income from the junkyard is approx $50 million. Despite the show’s good performance, Danny has left the show. Junkyard empire was filmed at Maryland’s Damascus Motors. Andy has huge car collection of more than $230,000.