Jujutsu Kaisen brings some shocking Revelations: Who is Itadori Parents and more about them

The main character of Jujutsu Kaisen seems to be one of the most enigmatic figures in the series. The main character, Yuji Itadori, has been deeply entwined with the plot from the beginning. There is relatively little information regarding the character’s past, in contrast to the depth to which Gege Akutami has gone in writing about the lives of his other figures. Each character has a well-developed history. He hasn’t even mentioned anything about Itadori’s past. This is suspicious. The parents of Itadori are unknown. What were the thoughts of several supporters? The mangaka has finally peeled back some of the layers of mystery surrounding Itadori’s parents after a lengthy period.

In a short period, Jujutsu Kaisen has taken over the top ranks of various manga bestsellers. One of the most popular anime programs of 2020 and 2021 was the adaption. The already successful manga saw a massive increase in sales after the anime’s success. Volume 17 of the manga once again topped the weekly sales charts at Oricon. As a result of their intense interest in the story, fans have flooded various online discussion groups with multiple hypotheses. In this article, we will be talking about who is itadori parents.

Who is Itadori Parents and what do we know about his family?

Itadori family and life

Granpadori attempted to bring up the subject of Itadori’s parents in the first episode/chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen. Nonetheless, he was not interested in learning more about them, and we were left out of the story’s shounen cliché. Throughout the narrative, there were several hypotheses concerning his parents’ origins. Theoretically, Yuki Tsumuko may be Itadori’s mother. That is your answer to Who is Itadori Parents.

That was not the case, however, as he said that Itadori’s parents would be introduced in the future. And there you have it! It wasn’t until chapter 143 that we learned more about him and met his folks. There were a few surprising findings, as well, of course. As Yuji’s parents are finally unveiled in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 143, something strange is happening. We finally know Who is Itadori Parents in Chapter 143 of JJK.

Jin, Yuji Itadori’s father, is shown here. Following his defeat by Yuta Okkotsu in the 141st chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, the protagonist dreams of seeing his parents. Since Yuji was a baby, it’s weird to think about.

Jin and Yuji’s grandpa is having a disagreement at the moment. If he doesn’t “get rid of that lady,” the grandpa says, he’ll die. We see Yuji’s strange mother soon after. This woman’s forehead scars resembled those of Geto, the host of Noritoshi Kamo’s brain, which sparked several ideas.

What does the manga tell us about Yuji Itadori’s past?

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Fans have recently been treated to a significant revelation about Itadori’s parents due to recent occurrences. The first colossal indication was provided near the conclusion of the Shibuya Incident Arc when Chosu claimed that Itadori was his brother. As a starting point, it seemed that Noritoshi Kamo’s son Chosu could be connected to Itadori’s parents. We couldn’t locate anything about his parents, however.

Itadori had a less probable chance of becoming a member of the Kamo clan. Chapter 143 was the first time we saw a lady, reportedly Itadori’s mother, in the story. Her forehead had a striking resemblance to that of Geto and Noritoshi Kamo. According to the protagonist’s mother’s look, she was possessed by the same thing that took control of the other two curse users. The claim was further confirmed in chapter 160 when Geto Suguru talks to Sasaki, Itadori’s senior from his high school. Itadori, like Chosu, is a direct descendant of Kenjaku, and he praises her for getting along with him. This should give you a better idea on who is Itadori Parents.

More about Itadori’s Parents: Who is Itadori Parents?

about Itadori's Parents

The parents of Itadori are unknown. The possibility exists that his father, like his grandpa, was once human. In the presence of Kenjaku, his mother’s body became possessed. The fact that Kenjaku has only taken possession of cursed people raises the possibility that Itadori’s mother was also a victim of the curse. Even before he became Sukuna’s vessel, Itadori’s incredible power might be explained in this way. The issue of whether or not Itadori’s mother was possessed before or after her marriage is also relevant. We may use this information to figure out whether Kenjaku had a purpose in having Itadori’s father killed.

Itadori might be a comparable experiment to Kenjaku’s death paintings. Kenjaku’s unexplained intentions for producing these cursed wombs are startling here. His plans for these cursed organs were vague at best. Were these containers for anything else? Kenjaku’s only stated goal so far is to bring the curse period back. Sukuna had a significant role in this period of curses. Kenjaku may help Sukuna’s recovery.