Judy Depart’s Net Worth, Career, Relationship, and Other Facts

Judy Dupart, also Judy Depart, was born on February 12, 1982, at the Judy age of 39. She’s an entrepreneur and an Instagram commotion from the USA. She is currently a member of the LGBTQ community, sharing a home with rapper De Brat. Judy is the CEO of Kaleidoscope Company, a hair product company founded in 2013. Jessica became a trending internet topic after she entered into a relationship with De Brat. Media interviews became typical for her in public. Recently, they amused social media a few months ago by posting images on Instagram together. The excellent news is that Jessica is pregnant and expecting a child this year.

The Early Life of Judy Depart Early life of Judy Depart

Entrepreneur Judy was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on February 12, 1982. She was raised with her siblings in a family of other African enumeration. When Judy was 15, she got pregnant. The saddest part was that she could not go to university to get her bachelor’s degree due to this pregnancy. She focussed on her kid, which made her change her life drastically. She started earning at that age to feed her family.

Judy Depart’s Family & Relationships

Judy Dupart's Family & Relationships


Judy hasn’t disclosed much about her family, but here are some sources of details about her family. 

Her father’s name is Antony Depart, and her mother’s name is Evelyn. Her family also consists of siblings, and there are quite a few. They supported Judy a lot in her life. Her father died eight years ago. She was attached to her father as she posted pictures of her with her father, showing gratitude and father-daughter relationship memories. Her mother is alive and retired. She is living her life well and happily. Their religion is Christianity, and they are Americans.

She’s in a relationship with a famous rapper, De Brat, currently.

Judy Depart’s height, weight, and appearance.

Judy Depart's height, weight, and appearance

Judy is one of the finest of herself and is confident in her body whenever she has a beautiful appearance and bold

personality. Her height is 167 centimeters, and she weighs about 80 kg. Her hair is black and long. She has shiny black eyes and bold lips. She’s fond of tattoos and has a tattoo over her chest. She hasn’t done plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. Her shoe size is 6 US (5UK), and she has piercings in her ears.

Judy Depart’s Career

Judy Depart's Career

Judy has earned a lot of respect and appreciation for having a broad mindset for her life. In 2007, she started a shop named Rojes Barber Shop & Rojes Barber Saloon, which was in partnership. While working in the shop, she learned various new things about hair and products.She learned about the logic and science behind the hair products, so she decided to close her shop and took a big step as she opened her new hair studio named Kaleidoscope. This time, she started her business alone in the Greater New Orleans area. She slowly took the mark of being famous for her hair services.

With the success of her studio, she also registered and trademarked her hair product company, Kaleidoscope. She worked day and night for the company. Her hard work started to pay off as she gained sales of $10000 in 2018, and at the end of the financial year, she reached the mark of $1 million selling her products. She’s recently become an executive producer for WE TV (AMC Networks).

Judy Depart’s net worth, income source, and salary

Judy Depart's Income Source

Judy has raised over 1 million dollars in sales in her company because of her efforts. Judy hair products are rich in quality, always loved by users, and cherished. Her sales are generally not down. She has taken the company to a new perspective till 2022, resulting in more sales. She’s also a brand endorser due to the many fans following her on social media.She earned from multiple sources and owned a car worth millions and a mansion in her hometown. While having a Rolls-Royce Wraith, her estimated net worth is around $10–$12 million.