Is zendaya pregnant? And Details you need to know.

Zendaya and Tom Holland are making significant relationship goals, and fans can’t wait to see what the power couple does next. Amid their hot affair and the triumph of Spider-Man: No Way Home, speculations are circulating that Zendaya is expecting Tom’s child in 2022. If you’ve been on TikTok, you’ve probably seen a few videos that purport to “announce” Zendaya’s pregnancy, but it’s just inaccurate. The notion began circulating on social media when Tom Holland stated in an interview that he couldn’t wait to be a parent. According to sources close to Zendaya, she is not ready to establish a family and is focused on her job.

Is Zendaya pregnant?

is zendaya pregnant

The Euphoria star is among Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses, and fans have rallied around her and Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland since their romance became public. Fans would want to see Zendaya and Tom take the relationship to the next level, but the actress is not pregnant with her friend’s kid. These reports are based on TikToks that forecast Zendaya’s future, including pregnancy and engagement. These, however, are bogus assertions with no proof to back them up. Neither Zendaya nor Tom has acknowledged the reports nor even hinted at getting married. Some have done so far as to alter Zendaya’s red carpet appearances to make her look pregnant. Don’t get taken in by all these.

Is Zendaya pregnant with Tom Holland?

is zendaya pregnant with tom
According to an internet rumor, Zendaya is pregnant with Tom Holland’s kid. Many people believed the story about the Hollywood celebrity couple after a viral trend tricking people on TikTok spread throughout social media platforms, spawning several memes and trolls on Twitter. Zendaya became a popular topic as a result of the rumor. TikTok users accepted false reports about Zendaya and Holland, who co-starred in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The video, which was uploaded on Zendaya’s Instagram account, depicts a fetus. Kris Jenner emerged on the TV and verified the fake news. Fans took to social media to look at their displeasure with the phony information.

Is Zendaya officially married?

is zendaya officially married
Since making their romance public, Zendaya and Tom Holland have practically emerged as America’s “it” pair. Zendaya and Holland aren’t living together, and they haven’t discussed their plans as a couple, but many have speculated that they are engaged. Rumors have been circulating for months, but until now, they appeared to be wishful thinking. This week, an Instagram shot of the Emmy Award-winning actress sporting a giant diamond on her ring finger went viral. With such a magnificent ring, fans are understandably on the lookout for further indications that Zendaya and Holland are engaged. Until Zendaya and Holland confirm their engagement, it’s reasonable to presume they’re not.

About Zendaya and Tom Holland’s Love story:

 zendaya and Tom love story
Fans have been guessing about the duo’s relationship status for years, owing to on and off dating rumors. They first appeared together as a couple on-screen in 2016 as Peter Parker and MJ. They began attracting attention as viewers watched the two’s fake chemistry come to life during red carpet appearances and other events. In 2017, a source told People that the stars were dating but kept it quiet because they wanted to keep it private. For years, the actress denied dating rumors until they were seen kissing at a red light in Los Angeles in July 2021. In July 2021, Tom and Zendaya revealed their relationship status by sharing a kiss while sitting in their parked car together. They were also seen joking and laughing, demonstrating their bond as strong as ever.

Why is Zendaya pregnant news trending?

 zendaya pregnant news trending
In June 2022, a TikTok fad began with a video featuring a false ultrasound shot manipulated to appear as though Zendaya had shared it herself. The video started with a phony ultrasound image of pregnancy, with Zendaya’s profile photograph patched to make it appear that she had shared the vision. Marisa Tomei’s bogus comment with heart emojis was added to make the image appear more authentic. This isn’t the first time Zendaya and her boyfriend Tom Holland have been accused of being pregnant. A video went viral saying Zendaya was married to Tom Holland and was expecting a child. The rumor began as a result of the video.

The story’s origin is unknown, but it gained popularity after a Tiktok video said the actress would marry and have children in 2022. The footage sparked speculation and created a chain reaction of content centered on Zendaya’s pregnancy. Several videos on the platform have modified images of the Spider-Man actress with a bulging stomach. Close investigation reveals that the photographs have been edited unnaturally. After no proof could be uncovered, the rumors were refuted. However, this did not prevent the assertions from being repeated on the internet. Holland claimed in a recent interview with People magazine that he was ready to be a father and establish a family, sparking speculation of a possible pregnancy.