Is Nobara Kugisaki still Alive in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Nobara Kugisaki is the protagonist of the jujutsu kaisen manga and anime series. During the early phases of her character’s development, Nobara became a popular favorite among manga readers. Many fans were startled to find that she could be dead after being severely hurt by Mahito in Chapter 125. This article will discuss the current situation of Nobara Kugisaki in the Shibuya incident Arc. Is she dead or alive?

Nobara is a strong individual with a private personality. Nobara is truthful to herself and concentrates on what she has promised herself. She’s a genuinely lovely girl with a pleasant demeanor and engaging attitude, making it almost hard for anybody to take advantage of her.

What happend to Nobara Kugisaki?

What Happen To Nobara

Nobara, Yuji, and Megumi run across Satoru at the start of the Shibuya Incident Arc, who sends them to Utahime. Utahime informs them that one of the two operatives suspected of betraying them will be investigated. Utahime also tells them that they believe the infiltrator is Kokichi Muta, the actual identity of Ultimate Mechamaru, and describes his skills.

They arrive at where Kokichi is supposed to be and discover that he has vanished. On October 31, Nobara is with Naobito Zenin and Maki outside the Shibuya Mark City Mall’s restaurant avenue entrance when Akari informs them of the situation and urges them to remain. Later, Nobara, Naobito, and Maki go to Shibuya’s curtain to assist citizens who transformed humans are assaulting. After the transformed humans have been neutralized, Akari locates them and notifies them of what has occurred. Maki then instructs Nobara and Akari to accompany her to Kiyotaka’s location while she attends to the other transformed persons. In contrast, the two come across Haruta Shigemo. Nobara instructs Akari to remain concealed while she listens to Haruta. The former discovers Akari’s hiding place and chases her, while Nobara follows. Nobara attempts to fight the flail master but is hurt, while Haruta approaches and injures Akari.

Haruta informs Nobara that she won’t be able to stop him while she attempts to figure out what she wants to do. Haruta mocks Nobara while telling her to quit beating Akari. Nobara will strike Kento Nanami if he sees her approaching. Nobara then watches Kento effortlessly managing Haruta. Nobara ties Haruta’s sword to the wall while attempting to pull Kento down from behind with his blade.

The Fight Scene

The Fight Scene

Nobara recognizes Kento’s might once Haruta is vanquished. Nobara and Akari are then informed by Kento that Kiyotaka is still alive and that Satoru has been sealed. Nobara expresses her wish to accompany him when he reveals that he would assist Naobito and Maki in rescuing Satoru, but Kento reminds him that she would be a bother. He then orders the two to remain in the room while he exits. Nobara then meets a Mahito clone, and the two prepare to battle. Nobara recalls Mahito’s abilities and unleashes a hail of nails at him, which Mahito deflects. Nobara secures the Hairpin to the flail with the help of a dropped pin. Enraged, Mahito summons Nobara’s Resonance, which attacks his soul directly, inflicting severe damage. Because the original body and Mahito’s clone are riddled with nails, Yuji responds to Mahito’s fragility with a shower of strikes. Nobara chases Mahito while he recovers. The original and copy Mahitos clash, and the original touches Nobara’s face. After driving the second Mahito into the wall, Yuji rushes out to check on Nobara. As he remembers his childhood in the countryside with Saori and Fumi, the remainder of Nobara’s life passes before his eyes. She then arrives in a room with empty chairs reserved for the people in her life.

She turns to see her seats full of laughing individuals, including Megumi, Yuji, Satoru, Panda, Toge, and Maki. She then notices Fumi’s dissatisfaction and recalls her promise to him that she, Fumi, and Saori would get together again. She then apologizes for failing to keep her commitment to Fumi. She returns to the present with a peek at Yuji. She smiles, wishing he’d tell everyone it wasn’t that horrible. Mahito transforms Nobara’s left side of the face, smashing it and obliterating his left eye. Yuji is utterly wiped out as he falls. Later, while assisting Yuji and Aoi in their fight against Mahito, Arata Nitta informs the Tokyo student that he put his spell on Nobara and that her odds of life aren’t zero due to her recent injuries. He does warn Yuji not to overestimate his comrade’s chances of survival. After the Shibuya Incident Arc, Yuji inquires about Nobara’s well-being, but Nobara keeps mute, leaving her status uncertain.

Could Nobara Kugisaki make it?

Could Nobara make it?

The reality is that although Nobara’s odds of surviving are something to be regarded, they are not exceptionally high in percentage terms. As previously said, she can handle and save herself because of her superior talents. She sustained less harm by casting her spell and based on her injuries. She seemed to be able to live. We can only pray that Nobara lives and does not let us down. Akutami is a writer with a strange twist, but we believe he will not murder a main character in the manga. Nobara has a large fan following, and as an emerging character, she is projected to endure due to her strong personality. Manga tales are unexpected, but a character’s death does not just signify death. Nobara hasn’t died yet, so it’s safe to assume she’ll return at some point, although it’s unclear when. Nobara’s odds of surviving are slim, yet it’s a ‘yes’ to her survival rather than a ‘no.’

Nobara’s and Mahito’s Cursed Technique

Nobara's and Mahito's Cursed Technique

Nobara’s ability seems to be voodoo doll magic on paper. But when she’s up against an opponent, she’s scary. She can dominate her opponent with only a single touch. What makes her power even more unique is that she has the ability to harm her opponent’s soul. More Jujutsu Sorcerers target the physical body and use raw force to defeat their opponents, while Nobara may harm both the physical body and the soul of her opponent. That’s why Mahito was terrified while they were fighting. In comparison, The essential core of Mahito’s power was being harmed by Nobara’s might. Despite the fact that Mahito is younger than Jogo, he was strong enough to combat Nanami and force him to use some dangerous techniques. Mahito has the ability to reshape souls according to his own desires. Because most Jujutsu Sorcerers target the physical body rather than the soul, this renders him almost impenetrable.