Is Bramty and Luis Together or has the couple broken up? Find out more

As the show progresses, we will learn more about Bramty Juliette’s relationship with Luis Espina. Bramty and her husband, both 24, got their start on YouTube. Over a year, she and her husband “The Bramfam” amassed over 2.5 million followers on YouTube. This is Bramty and her hood’s deep spoon. Luis Espina is a New Mexican-born American YouTuber who grew up in Albuquerque. He is well known for his combined YouTube channel, Bramfam, with his wife, Bramty Juliette. More than 2.43 million people follow the track, which features a variety of content from the couple’s married lives, including jokes, challenges, beauty tutorials, and other comedic segments. In this article we will talk about is Bramty and Luis together or not.

Many young people and adults can take control of their own professional futures only because of the advent of the internet in today’s digital age. Many people have become familiar with Luis Espina due to his contributions to well-known online communities like Instagram and YouTube. Bramty Juliette and he generate a variety of material, including blogs, challenges, beauty suggestions, and comedic characters. Over 2.65 million people have subscribed to the couple’s channel. The juicy tidbits of their love, successful YouTube career, and blissful marriage are here for you today.

Is Bramty and Luis together or Are they Divorced?

Bramty and Luis together or Are they Divorced

The relationship between Bramty and Luis is still intact. Because Luis has been absent from Bramty’s most recent vlogs, several speculations have shown that the couple has broken up. As a result, many of the couple’s followers have been left wondering whether or not the couple is still together. This couple is blessed with three adorable children whose home life is picture-perfect.

Luis was born on December 5, 1985, in Mexico, USA, under the name Luis Espina. Every year, on December 5, he becomes 36 years old, which will be the case in 2021. That should answer the question is Bramty and Luis still together.

The information gathered suggests that Luis Espina is not an only child since he is said to have a younger sibling. His whereabouts were kept under wraps, probably because he is more of a reserved person.

Luis Espina and Bramty Juliette Marriage Life:

Luis Espina and Bramty Juliette Marriage Life

Bramty Juliette, Luis’ wife, is the mother of their two children. We don’t know precisely when Luis and Bramty started dating, but we know that he moved in next door to Bramty in 2012, and the two began hanging around. Penelope, Balcom, and Luis are their three children. Three children were born to Bramty, Juliette Julia, and Espina. Penelope Espina, her first child, was born on March 10, 2015, and will be six in 2021.

Balcom and Levy were born to the couple in November 2018. In other developments, Bramty Juliette’s sister, Bramty Juliette’s brother-in-law, was arrested in early 2019. Bramty Juliette broke the news to his admirers, but he didn’t say why he was imprisoned. So, in case you were wondering Is Bramty and Luis together then you have your answer.

Finally, Luis said they got married because they wanted to live together since they realized that a long-distance relationship wouldn’t work if his daughter was in another state. He was still in Florida with his family.

Jobs and Careers Of Luis Espina and Bramty:

Luis and bramty careers

She is well known for her famous YouTube channel, The Bramfam, which she runs with her husband, TikTok star Bramty Juliette. In September 2014, Luis Espina graduated from college and enlisted in the United States Navy.

For unclear reasons, he subsequently resigned from the military. His wife’s YouTube channel, Bramfam, quickly became a sensation, and Espina joined her as a blogger. The first vlog Bramty Juliette ever released was in 2016, more than a year after starting the channel in 2014.

Bramfam’s “Teen Parent Q&A” originally featured Luis Espina in May of that year. Additionally, they educate their consumers on how to use beauty products practically. More than 10 million people saw Bramfam’s most popular video. Every day, more people are tuning in to see the film released on January 18, 2018. Penelope, my daughter, often features in the vlogs as well.

That is all the information we had on is bramty and Luis together. This article should give you an idea of what bramty and Luis are up to nowadays.