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Christian Bale made his film debut at 13 in Steven Spielberg’s coming-of-age military epic Empire of the Sun. He’s since appeared in almost 40 films, ranging from his unhinged depiction of a serial murderer in American Psycho to his somber caped crusader in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy to a couple of quiet Terrence Malick performances. He’s portrayed Dick Cheney and Moses, Mowgli’s panther pal Bagheera, and Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle’s English dub. Along the way, he’s received nearly every minor award a film actor can earn, from the Independent Spirit Awards to the Academy Awards.

About Christian Bale’s career:

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Bale landed a small role in the 1986 television film Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna after intending to become an actor at the age of eleven. Amy Irving, the film’s star, married director Steven Spielberg. He talked with an upper-class cadence for the film without the assistance of a dialect coach. The part catapulted Bale to popularity, and his performance garnered him plaudits and the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures’ inaugural Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor Award. Earlier that year, he appeared in Astrid Lindgren’s fantasy film Mio in the Land of Faraway, My Son. Bale’s reputation in Empire of the Sun caused him to be ridiculed in school and face the rigors of working.

Christian Bale, Best Performances: Public Enemies

Public Enemies
Public Enemies portrays two of Hollywood’s most potent leading males with diametrically different acting approaches, and they both take their roles seriously. Christian Bale isn’t mimicking any skunks or rock musicians, and Johnny Depp isn’t yelling or speaking in a shallow pitch. They’re acting, and they’re doing it beautifully. I wish they could share the screen instead of stewing and grinning in two universes. Depp plays bank robber John Dillinger, who is on the run, while Bale plays FBI agent Melvin Purvis, who is on the search. Rarely, but inevitably, the two will collide. She and Dillinger are conversing in a packed, high-ceilinged restaurant, but all the noise around them fades away cleanly. They float for a short period, precisely as in the movies.

Christian Bale, Best Performances: Rescue Dawn

Rescue Dawn
As PG-13 as a war picture can get, Werner Herzog’s cinematic re-creation of his documentary feels like it was re-created on the fly, as any Herzog film can. Rescue Dawn does not strictly correspond to the facts of Dieter Dengler’s story, in which he flew as a Navy pilot during the Vietnam War, was shot down over Laos, and was held and tortured for months before escaping. It’s also historically inaccurate, as any Herzog film can be, for the sake of the more “ecstatic” truth the director was attempting to achieve, ignoring the complaints of Dengler’s fellow prisoners, which mostly have to do with how heroically Herzog portrays, Christian Bale, and how pitifully he envisions everyone else.

Christian Bale, Best Performances: Equilibrium

Taye Diggs plays Brandt, a future fascist law enforcement officer, in Equilibrium, and at the end of the film, Brandt has his face severed. That’s his entire face, perfectly separated from his head, hair-to-jawline. This comes after a kind of lightning-quick, futuristic samurai sword duel in which Christian Bale’s character, the heroically named John Preston, has murdered his way through, pistol in one hand and blade in the other. But, like his face, the fact that I just gave away a juicy section of the climax should be easily disassociated from whether you should continue watching Equilibrium. You should because it’s as wacky and well-mannered as the moment in Taye Diggs’ attractive features.

Christian Bale, Best Performances: Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups
Irrespective of how well Knight of Cups addresses the once-elusive director’s increasingly obsessed, less universal topics like the banality of excess, Terrence Malick succeeds on all fronts. The photography by Emmanuel Lubezki, who photographed Malick’s past four movies and won his third Oscar in February, opulently embosses the antiseptic vacuum of high-living in Los Angeles. The performances, though, eventually lift Knight of Cups above Malick’s last picture, To the Wonder. Ben Affleck, a star not known for physical emoting, was given much control over Wonder. The capacity to express a lot while speaking little is a critical skill for any actor playing the protagonist in a Terrence Malick film.

You are correct, whatever the solution is. Christian Bale has all of these qualities and more. What we’re here to discuss are the fantastic performances that come with the jobs he takes on. Working with numerous big-name actors and directors is simply one highlight of his career that supports his versions, but as we’ll see very soon, this isn’t always the case. So let’s start with a list of the top ten Christian Bale performances. Christian Bale is, without a doubt, one of our generation’s most prolific actors. He’s worked with the A-list of filmmakers and won several honors. The English actor was most recently seen in James Mangold’s Oscar-nominated sports drama Ford v Ferrari, opposite Matt Damon.