‘Boo, Bitch,’ A Netflix Series Starring Lana Condor, Will Premiere In July 2022

Lana Condor, star of Netflix’s To All the Boys, will return for her current project, the short comedy series Boo, Bitch. We’re keeping count of everything that you need to learn about Boo, Bitch on Netflix, which is set to premiere in July 2022.

The series’ showrunners and principal writers will be screenwriters Erin Ehrlich (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, King of the Hill) and Lauren Iungerich (On My Block, Awkward). The story for Boo, Bitch is based on an original script optioned by Tim Schauer and Kuba Soltysiak, who are newcomers and co-creators.

The show is intended to be a limited series, so don’t hold your breath for a second season.

The production is being led by Crazy Cat Lady Development, and there are eight episodes planned.

Condor, Jonathon Komack Martin (Deadpool), Blake Goza (The Escort), and Jamie Dooner will serve as showrunners and executive producers alongside Ehrlich and Iungerich (On My Block). Schauer and Soltysiak will co-produce the film.

Anything and everything we know about Netflix’s Boo, Bitch is as follows:

When will Boo, Bitch be released?

Netflix has set Friday, July 8th, 2022 as the release date for Boo, Bitch.

What is the story underlying Boo, Bitch?

Unfortunately, little is known about the premise of the limited series, however Production Weekly has provided us with a synopsis:

Erika Vu (Condor) is completely bummed out. She in her final weeks of high school and nobody even knows her name, thanks largely to popular mean girl Riley, who has constantly dissed and undermined Erika throughout school. But when her best friend Gia convinces Erika to go to a big high school party, Erika overcomes her shyness and becomes the toast of the evening — even capturing the attention of sexy Jake C, Riley’s recent ex. However, when the hungover Gia and Erika retrace their steps the day after to find Erika’s missing necklace, they may have a surprise in store — a shock that takes Erika’s finally on-track life in a wholly unexpected direction — to say the very least.

Who has been cast in the film Boo, Bitch?

Netflix’s Boo, Bitch, which will premiere in February 2021, will be headlined by Lana Condor, who is widely known for appearing as Lara Jean in Netflix’s To All the Boys trilogy.

Condor has mentioned a few things about the project, including in an interview with Travel and Leisure in which he discussed a variety of topics but specifically Boo, Bitch, Condor remarked:

“We have actively been making sure that we’re hiring and creating a really diverse writers room,” she told T+L. “I feel like it starts with… making sure that people feel safe, just people feel safe to express themselves and to use their voices. And I think that’s something I’m seeing more of. But again, we have a long way to go.”

Madison Thompson (Ozark), Zoe Margaret Colletti (Fear the Walking Dead), Aparna Brielle (A.P. Bio), Reid Miller (YOU), Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Liv and Maddie), and Alyssa Jirrels round out the primary cast (Saved by the Bell).

The following is the complete cast list for the series:

  • Lana Condor – Erika Vu
  • Madison Thompson – Emma
  • Zoe Margaret Colletti – Gia
  • Aparna Brielle – Riley
  • Reid Miller – Brad
  • Tenzing Norgay Trainor – Gavin
  • Alyssa Jirrels – Alyssa
  • Jason Genao – Devon
  • Mason Versaw – Jake C.
  • Conor Husting – Jake W.
  • Austin Fryberger – Archer
  • Ben Cain – Fred
  • Jami Alix – Lea
  • Savira Windyani – Sail
  • Cathy Vu – Mrs. Vu
  • Abigail Achiri – Raven
  • Brittany Bardwell – Sophia
  • Isidoro Perez – Diego
  • Michael Solomon – Jake M.
  • Laura Louise – Oleanna
  • Nick Benson – Chase
  • Susan Song – Ms. Huang
  • John Brantley Cole – Dr. Vu
  • Van Brunelle – Oliver Vu
  • Asia King – Portia
  • Ollie Walters – Leo
  • Jenn Santos – May
  • Mary Aldousary – Ms. Dollar
  • Mason Lawrence – Darwin
  • Violet Spingarn – Keisha

Is Boo, Bitch going to have a lot of episodes?

Netflix has given Boo, Bitch an eight-episode series order, according to Variety, indicating that it will be a limited series. Each half-hour episode will be released.

What’s the progress of Boo, Bitch’s production?

(Last Updated: 18/05/2022) Official Production Status: Post-Production

According to Production Weekly edition 1253. In late August 2021, Boo, Bitch went into production. IMBd Pro has not announced any filming dates, although the project’s status was changed to Post-Production on May 13th.

Given that the project was last mentioned as being in pre-production on August 29th, 2021, it’s reasonable to presume that filming has been completed.