Are Alyssa and Sam Still Together: Find out more about the couple after Are you the One

‘Are You The One?’, a dating reality program, uses a unique algorithm to put individuals into ideal matches based on several details. As the competitors get to know one another and form bonds, the perfect pairings are kept a secret from them.

Each episode concludes with a group vote to choose which couples will go to the truth booth to determine whether they are a match.
Wrong answers result in a reduction in the overall reward pool. Thus participants are forced to plan ahead of time.

“The Bachelorette” fans were treated to a new coupling in the form of Sam Handler and Alyssa Ortiz in season 4. When no one is looking, viewers wonder are Alyssa and Sam still together. We’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for!

Are You The One Couple Updates: Are Alyssa and Sam still together?

Alyssa and Sam

We’re sorry to break the awful news to you; Sam and Alyssa have chosen to separate. Even though their experience in the program strengthened their closeness and inspired hope among their supporters that their connection would last, the stars were not aligned, and the couple’s bond started to fray. As their relationship deteriorated, Sam and Alyssa concluded that it was best for them to go their own ways.

In Are You The One, season 4, Sam and Alyssa build a tight relationship early on, making it even more thrilling that they end up being the ideal match. According to The Cinemaholic, the two were forced to split ways when the show’s run was up for them. So, there is your answer for are Alyssa and Sam still together.

Kevin Melaniphy is the musician Alyssa has a relationship with, as demonstrated by the cute images she publishes of the two of them on Instagram. On the other hand, Sam doesn’t seem to have a visible social media presence. You can check out Alyssa’s Instagram and follow her here.

The news that Alyssa and Sam are no longer together is heartbreaking, but seeing Alyssa in such a positive light on social media makes up for it. For Sam, we hope that’s the case, too!

Alyssa and Sam’s journey on Are you the One:

Alyssa and Sam are you the one

Sam and Alyssa formed an instant relationship after appearing on the program, suggesting that the algorithm was spot-on right out of the gate. The first week, the two were inseparable and didn’t search for other relationships.

Even in the first week, Sam and Alyssa sat next to each other and seemed to be the image of a great fit. The following week, the pair’s confidence started wavering, and they found themselves attracted to other participants. But if you are wondering are Alyssa and Sam still together, then you won’t probably like the answer.

Sam found solace in Francesca and began to develop a strong relationship with her, while Alyssa believed that Morgan was a better suitor for her than Sam. Despite this, Sam and Alyssa found themselves drawn to one other once more, much to the amazement of everyone. They looked to be quite serious about making their relationship work when they were reunited.

Fans were excited about the potential of Sam and Alyssa’s relationship because of their obvious connection. After seeing their connection, the group chose to send Sam and Alyssa to the truth booth in week six, where they learned that they were a Perfect Match. Immediately after the discovery, the two went into the honeymoon room and proceeded to strengthen their relationship for the remainder of the season.

More about Alyssa and Sam after Are you the One ended

Alyssa and Sam relationshipSam likes to avoid the spotlight at the moment and keep a low profile. He has a very minimal social media presence and hasn’t posted anything in a while. It’s also unclear whether he’s still friends with Alyssa because of the absence of recent reporting on his personal life.

On the other hand, Alyssa is a huge fan of social media and often publishes updates to her fans. Having fun and spending quality time with loved ones is what she’s most looking forward to these days. Furthermore, Alyssa Melaniphy and Kevin Melaniphy have a home in Los Angeles.

It was mutual that Alyssa and Sam were no longer interested in continuing together, and Alyssa had begun dating someone else, so Sam had moved on as well.

If you’re wondering about the perfect match from, Are You the One? Season 4, Sam Handler and Alyssa Ortiz, and are Alyssa and Sam still together, then this article will give you all the answers you are searching for.