All You need to know about Hunter X Hunter Netflix: Storyline, Guidelines, Release date

Hunter x Hunter anime’s plot Discussion.The streaming platform for Hunter x Hunter.The number of total episodes. Is Hunter x Hunter still alive?

For your information, the Hunter x Hunter has been one of the mind-blowing series of all time in less than two decades. The best way to watch this anime is in your hands that will keep your seats packed and other aspects together. Read this post to know everything about this fabulous series.

Hunter x Hunter: What is it about?

About Hunter x Hunter

From March 19998 through 2006, Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine streamed this animation, which was written by Yoshihiro Togashi and authored by Yoshihiro Togashi. Its chapters are divided into 36 tanks on. Tankbon (“independent/standalone book”) is the Japanese term for a book that is not part of an anthology, or corpus stank on (“independent/standalone book”). Before being released as tankobon volumes with numerous chapters in modern Japanese, most manga series first appeared as individual chapters in a weekly or monthly manga magazine anthology with other works.

The story focuses on a growing-up boy whose name is Gon Freecss. He acknowledges that his father has left at such a young age and is an areal-life eminent Hunter. He is a qualified expert in fantasy activities like tracking rare or unknown animal species,treasure-seeking, exploring uncharted enclaves, or tracking down lawbreakers. Gon sets out on a mission to become a Hunter and, ultimately, discover his father. Gon meets other Hunters and experiences the otherworldly along the way.

How many episodes does Hunter x Hunter have?

Number of Episodes in Hunter x Hunter

The Hunter of Yoshihiro Togashi has 62 Episodes in total and was telecasted by Nippon Animation from October 199 till March 2001, and the tv channel was Fuji Tv. Nippon also developed the three original animations (OVAs), consisting of 30 episodes released in Japan between 2002 and 2004. Madhouse made the second anime television series which also ran on Nippon Tv from October 2011 to mid of September 2014, and this series had 148 episodes. Hunter has also gained popularity in CDs, Video games, musicals, and other media.

Viz Media has translated this into English and re-released it in North America by Viz Media as long as April 2005. This company has licensed both television series. Firstly it was aired on Funimation Channel in 2009, then it got changed and started to transmit on Adults Swim’s Toonami from April 2016 to June 2019 

A comprehensive guide to watch Hunter x Hunter 

Guide To Watch Hunter x Hunter

People say that it’s better to watch the 2011 version of the anime because it has more clear graphics and two different story parts. Earlier, due to lack of content, those parts were not presentable. However, people who have watched this anime always suggest that the 1999 version is much better than 2011 one. The content of both the anime is the same. It’s just due to time and technology changes. However, it depends on the audience to watch according to their mood. If You want to start Hunter X Hunter 1991, the older version, you must watch all the episodes then watch in this order-

Hunter X Hunter: Spider 

 Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island 

 Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island Final 

Video Games Based on Hunter X Hunter

Games based on Hunter x Hunter

There are ten games based on Hunter x Hunter available in Japan. Most of them are created by Konami or Bandai. There are many kinds of games, for example, Role-playing, Strategy games, action, and adventure games. These games are released on the platforms such as PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, etc. The characters are also featured in some fighting games, Jump Superstars in one of the examples released for Nintendo Ds, J-Stars victory for the PlayStation 3, Jump Force on Windows, and many other gaming platforms.

Musicals and theatrical plays based on Hunter x Hunter

Musical Theatre based on Hunter x Hunter


The first musical function of Hunter was held in December 2000. Between the end of the Yorknew City story arc and the start of the Greed Island storyline, it looks to be a solo tale. In August of 2002, the Nightmare of Zoldyck took place. Completing the Hunter Exam storyline, Kurapika, Leorio, and Gon return Killua to his family estate in this narrative. The CD and DVD are released for both of the musical functions made.