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Latest K Dramas Prime Video: As the popularity and demand for South Korean dramas grows, all streaming services appear to desire fewer series and films in their collection. Following the popularity of Squid Game, a streaming site announced the addition of 10 K-dramas to its platform. Amazon Prime Video, the streaming platform, revealed ten popular Korean dramas that would be available on the platform in a tweet. It is a new endeavor by Prime Video in the drama genre, having previously distributed Parasite and Minari on their streaming service. According to a platform press release, their popularity prompted the rapid addition of a listing of K-Dramas.

List of the best Kdramas
Cafe Midnight Kdrama:

Cafe Midnight Kdrama
In two episodes, each season of ‘Cafe Midnight’ follows the adventure of new characters. These plots, however, revolve around the titular cafe, which is open from midnight until daylight. The first season follows Jae-young, who answers a job post and ends up at the café. He has a life-changing experience there. Due to rising pressure, Ah-young quits her work in season 2. She plans to go on a journey to nowhere in particular after resigning. Soon after, she comes to the enigmatic cafe in area B23, which is intended to be a guest home. The program’s third season is a coming-of-age story about a high school teenager who glimpses his potential.

A witch love Kdrama:

A witch love Kdrama
‘A Witch’s Love,’ a love program, is said to be a replica of the Taiwanese series ‘My Queen.’ It centers on the relationship of 39-year-old news writer Ban Ji-Yeon and Yoon Dong-ha, the 25-year-old proprietor of a small errand center. While Ji-Yeon is a highly determined and career-driven lady, Dong-ha appears to have lost motivation and put his professional objectives on hold owing to a personal tragedy. Their terrible pasts in their different love lives bind these two together. So, even though they couldn’t be more dissimilar, they can’t help but be pulled to one another. Check out this exciting show.

Playful kiss Kdrama:

Playful kiss Kdrama
‘Playful Kiss,’ a romantic comedy television series, is based on Tada Kaoru’s Japanese manga ‘Itazura Na Kiss.’ It is the manga’s third television adaptation. Despite receiving low ratings in South Korea, the sitcom developed a solid fan base in other nations. The series follows Oh Ha-ni, a downtrodden girl who is nothing like her crush Baek Seung-jo, who is brilliant, confident, and popular. However, the former embarrasses herself by penning a letter to Seung-jo.
Furthermore, the house in which she and her father reside falls. To make matters worse, Seung-family Jo invites them in and offers them a place to stay. Things take an intriguing turn when Ha-ni and Seung-jo spend more time together.

The Penthouse: War in Life Kdrama:

The Penthouse War in Life Kdrama
The Penthouse: War in Life is a South Korean television series starring Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-Yeon, Eugene, Um Ki-Joon, Yoon Jong-hoon, and Park Eun-Seok. Joo Dong-min directed, and Kim Soon-ok wrote the series, which depicts the story of a real estate and education struggle and the desire to be number one. It shows the sisterhood and fury of mothers who turned to evil to defend their children and themselves. The series is placed 9th in the Top 50 Korean television series by national viewers, with 5.3 million viewers at the end of the first season. Since its debut on October 26, 2020, the series has dominated all-channel mini-series 20 times a row.

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Kdrama:

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Kdrama
The plot, classified as urban fantasy, contains romance, drama, and suspense about Lee Yeon’s mountain guardian spirit and Nam Ji-ah (Jo Bo Ah), a television producer pursuing that past. It was published in October 2020 and quickly became one of the most popular fantasies for K-Drama fans to watch. Given the amount of attention the series received from viewers, the show’s producers have chosen to create two additional seasons. The second is expected to occur during the Japanese Colonial Era, and the third is during the Joseon Dynasty. Check out these best Kdramas to enjoy your weekend.

Korean TV series holds a unique place in the hearts of many people, particularly those who like sugary love and romance stories. However, South Korean material has overtaken the globe in recent decades. As a result, people are continuously looking for possibilities on various streaming services. Korean dramas are now widespread. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription and are interested in becoming or are already a fan of the K-drama genre, we have compiled a list of the finest Korean dramas available on Amazon Prime right now! So, don’t put it off any longer and check these out. Enjoy your viewing.