About Jen Hatmaker’s Husband and their Divorce

Jen Hatmaker has made headlines again since announcing her divorce from Brandon Hatmaker in July. She updated her Instagram account with an update on how she was doing a year after her divorce. Jen Hatmaker is a Christian speaker, author, blogger, and TV host from the United States. In 2008, she rose to prominence with the publication of her debut book, Ms. Understood: Rebuilding the Feminine Equation. She currently has over 516k Instagram followers and 750k Facebook followers, and a top-rated podcast. Jen and Brandon Hatmaker met in college and fell in love. She was raised in a pious home and practiced Christianity as her faith. Jen and Brandon met while attending Oklahoma State University.

The Public Career of Jen Hatmakers:

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The couple and their five children starred in the reality television show “My Big Family Renovation.” The episode centered on the family’s efforts to repair their home and strengthen their bonds. Brandon Hatmaker is the pastor of the Austin New Church in addition to his reality TV roles. The pair was the church’s leaders and ran the religious establishment jointly. Jen was booted from the church board when she made public her opinions on same-sex marriage and expressed complete support and respect for the Brics group. Her reputation as a Christian author and speaker suffered when she began denouncing Donald Trump and his ideas.

Why did Brandon Hatmaker and Jen Hatmaker decide to divorce?

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Jen did indicate that the family was in difficulty, but she did not anticipate a divorce. The pair did not specify why they divorced. Because they were secretive about their affair, fans created rumors and hypotheses, the most common of which were Brandon’s extramarital affair and Jen’s support of the LGBT+ community clashing with the church board. Jen implored her fans not to fling words into the air once the allegations spread and that the reasons for the divorce were theirs alone. Her admirers also inundated Brandon with inquiries, threats, and requests for information about the divorce. He said he would announce the new projects shortly, but please refrain from inquiring about the divorce.

When did Brandon Hatmaker and Jen Hatmaker divorce?

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Jen and Brandon’s divorce was finalized in September 2020. Jen begged her friends and followers to pray for them and respect their privacy in a Facebook post. She expressed her amazement and heartbreak to everyone. People are being asked to preserve their right to privacy while refraining from publicizing divorce reports. She thanked everyone for their kindness and pleaded for safety and energy to recover. Jen updated her fans on her life with emotional emails and photos. She is currently in Bar Harbor, Maine, with her two best friends, Megan and Lisa. She’s building new memories, reading new books, and caring for her body. She also said that she met a new boyfriend at camp and is pleased with him.

Does Brandon Hatmaker cheat Jen Hatmaker?

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When a marriage divorces, many people wonder if one of the spouses cheated on the other. The same rumors began circulating when Jen announced her divorce from her husband, Brandon Hatmaker. Brandon has not spoken out about the divorce. Jen’s Instagram post, in which she wrote a lengthy statement to her fans, was the only source of information. Jen revealed the breakup on Instagram. Jen confessed in the extended post that she is “shocked, grief-stricken, and broken-hearted.” She did not share the cause for the divorce or its specifics, but she asked her supporters to remember them in their prayers. She also pleaded with the “intruder who revels in another’s agony” to spare him the “brutality.”

Short details about Brandon Hatmaker and Jen Hatmaker’s early love life:

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Jen Hatmaker was born into a devout household in 1974. She accepted her family’s beliefs and spent much of her childhood at church. At Oklahoma State University, she met her ex-husband, Brandon Hatmaker. Jen was 19 when she signed her marriage vows, so the pair didn’t wait long to tie the knot. Jen and Brandon are picture-perfect pairs. Their bond is founded on their firm Christian values and the boundless affection they have for one another. Jen uploaded an Instagram photo of the team on June 30, 2020. The things we’ve endured, gone through, forgiven, and triumphed over might fill a thousand volumes. Oh, how many times have we had to pick each other?

Jen Hatmaker isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Jen had told her supporters that she was suffering from a family problem, but no one anticipated it to be a divorce. “I don’t wat to say it, and I still can’t believe I’m saying it, but Brandon and I are divorcing.” Although the specifics are between us, this was unexpected, and I am still startled as we talk. I am stunned, bereaved, and heartbroken. Jen requested people respect her family’s privacy and refrain from disparaging remarks about them. She also asked that people remember the family in their prayers as they go through this tough time. “If you’re going to pray, keep praying for all of us,” she added. Keep us close to your hearts, darling.