About Jason Barker Simi Valley and his case about his girlfriend’s murder

Angela Kukawski’s body was found in an abandoned automobile in Simi Valley, and Los Angeles resident Jason Barker has been charged with her murder. Angela Kukawski’s relatives and friends reported her missing to authorities on December 22, 2021. According to accounts, her corpse was discovered on December 23, 2021, in the trunk of an abandoned automobile near Simi Valley. According to reports, Angela’s boyfriend, Jason, 49, was arrested and charged with murder by the LAPD and the Simi Valley Police Department. Let’s learn more about Jason Barker, a resident of Los Angeles, and look into his arrest, girlfriend, and other facts.

Who is Jason Barker?

who jason barker

Jason Barker, a Los Angeles resident, is Angela’s late business manager’s lover. Jason’s wiki and bio don’t have much social life yet, but we’ve covered everything you need to know about him on this page. His personal life has yet to be exposed, but given his relationship and luxurious lifestyle, he might be up to something big right now. Jason Barker will be 49 years old in December 2021, although his exact birth date has yet to be established. Due to a lack of knowledge surrounding his actual date of birth, his zodiac sign has yet to emerge. He is out of public life and his information is rare in media.

About Jason Barker’s girlfriend, Angela Kukawski:

Jason Barker's girlfriend
Jason Barker was the known lover of the famous business manager Angela Kukawski. Angela Kukawski, sometimes known as Angie, was a business manager who worked with many famous people. Boulevard Management, a Woodland Hills, California-based independent company management firm, hired the 55-year-old. Angie is claimed to have worked with the Kardashians, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj. She and her five children resided in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. Her peers characterize her as a dedicated employee who is not afraid to express her thoughts. She is a well-known and popular Hollywood celebrity. According to the police investigation, her corpse was discovered in her car after being murdered at her house.

Does Angela Kukawski was murdered by Jason Barker:

Angela Kukawski was murdered by Jason Barker
Officials believe the supervisor was murdered by her lover, Jason Barker. Jason Barker is appointed to discover in Van Nuys Local Court for the first time on January 12. In addition, the inquiry against Angela Kukawski is still underway. More information on the issue will be forthcoming in the next few days, and we’ll be there to give you it as soon as it becomes accessible to us. While working as a consultant for several well-known people, she met a lot of celebrities. Angela Kukawski’s death appears to have influenced several significant business personalities. The inquiry into Kukawski’s death is ongoing. It is unknown how Angela Kukawski deceased.

Did Jason Barker arrest for the murder of his girlfriend, Angela Kukawski?

Jason Barker arrest for the murder of his girlfriend
Jason Barker has indeed been charged with the murder of Angela Kukawski, his girlfriend. According to authorities, Barker is suspected of murdering Angela at her Sherman Oaks home, stuffing her corpse in the trunk, and driving it to Simi. Jason is also said to have murdered Angela “with the intent of inflicting severe and excessive anguish and suffering for retaliation, extortion, persuasion, and a sadistic motivation.” Angela died as a result of sharp and blunt force injuries to the head and neck, as well as strangulation, according to the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s office. Barker was arrested and charged with a felony.

Does police suspect Jason Barker of Angela Kukawski death?

police suspect jason barker
Angela Kukawski’s remains were recovered several days after apprehending a suspect in the case. Jason Barker, 49, was arrested and put into the Van Nuys Jail on suspicion of murder. Kukawski was his name, and he was Kukawski’s boyfriend. Jason Barker is accused of murdering Kukawski at his Sherman Oaks home. According to the New York Post, authorities spotted Barker in an apartment on the same street where Kukawski’s car was also recovered. Barker was quickly captured after realizing that the apartment’s owner was a cousin. According to the Los Angeles Times, Jason Barker has been charged with torture and deliberate murder.

Angela Kukawski, a member of the Kardashian family, died, according to TMZ. Angela was declared to be the finest in the statement. Her heart belonged to everyone, and she made the impossible possible. We will miss her a lot and will like to go out to her family and loved ones during this difficult time. Jason Barker Sr. pled not guilty last week to killing his girlfriend and putting her corpse in a car in Simi Valley. Barker, according to detectives, murdered Kukawski in their Sherman Oaks home. He then took her body to Simi Valley in her car. Barker, who had previously been identified as Kukawski’s lover by authorities, was apprehended at the house of a cousin in Simi.