South Padre Island’s Main Activities For Tourists

You’ll be delighted by salty air, shimmering ocean, and seagulls soaring above as you make your way down to the Gulf Coast to discover the greatest things to do in Rockport, Texas.

In other words, telltale signals that you’re on your way to one of Texas’ top beach communities!

Rockport has a small-town feel to it, but it’s packed with sights to see, activities to partake in, and wonderful food.

Here are some fun things to do in Rockport, TX (as well as a few fun things to do in adjacent Fulton) to make your beach vacation unforgettable!

Best Activities For Tourists

In And Around Rockport, Enjoy Birdwatching

There are numerous locations in and around Rockport that are teeming with magnificent wildlife.

People travel from miles around to see a Whooping Crane when they visit Rockport, Texas in the spring.

Whooping Cranes, which stand over 4 feet tall and migrate in groups of 2-3, pass through Rockport on their way south.

Even if you don’t travel to Rockport in the spring, you can see Pelicans, Egrets, Herons, Roseate Spoonbills, and other birds.

Traveling around Rockport will undoubtedly reveal some magnificent birds that are rarely seen elsewhere.

The Egret & Heron Rookery, where Egrets and Herons build their nests on the tippy tops of trees, is a spectacular sight to see in the spring.

Turn left at HEB and try looking up and to your left as you walk around the corner to see the rookery.

Put Your Toes In The Sand

Of course, no list of the finest things to do in Rockport would be complete without including the town’s famous beach!

Rockport Beach is quite unique and a fantastic place to visit on your visit to Rockport.

Rockport Beach is known as the “First Blue Wave Beach” in Texas.

That basically means they’re strict about littering and don’t allow dogs or glass containers on the beach, yet it’s one of the nicest Texas beaches to visit.

To visit Rockport Beach, you must purchase a $ 5-day pass that allows you to stay for the entire day.

The beach at Rockport is dotted with cabana umbrellas, which you and your family can use for the day.

They also have a roped-off area for migrating birds, so you can observe a variety of different birds on your tour.

Get Yourself A Cup Of Wonderful Coffee

When searching for the best activities to do in Rockport, Bella La Brew is a must-visit.

They have a wide variety of coffees to choose from, as well as seasonal varieties that will keep you going back for more.

They also have a variety of light bites including bagels, muffins, pies, and more.

They have lots of seating where you can work or couches where you can invite some people to join you, so don’t feel rushed!

Another interesting feature of Bella La Brew is the cute boutique that is adjacent to this lovely tiny coffee shop.

Bella la Rue is a store with some of the nicest and most unique presents, so you’re guaranteed to leave with something.

They have cute baby gifts, amusing and creative birthday gifts, and cute women’s clothes.

While you wait for your coffee, stroll over to Bella la Rue to enjoy a charming little boutique.

Walk Through Rockport’s Historic Downtown

The historic downtown of Rockport has a charming small-town atmosphere and plenty of sites to see.

This is unsurprising given that it is one of Texas’ most beautiful beach communities.

There are a variety of shops, all of which are run by people who are friendly and genuine.

Sassy Chic, Goin’ Coastal Outfitters, and Rowdy Maui are some of our favorite shops in downtown Rockport.

Sassy Chic is a boutique with the loveliest outfits at ridiculously low costs that is well worth a visit. Rowdy Maui is a quirky little business with fantastic gifts and handmade stuff!

Going Coastal Outfitters features some of the most valuable graphic tees centered on beach life and beyond.

Another interesting feature of Goin’ Coastal Outfitters is that they have an ice cream shop in the back.

Continue on your downtown adventure with your favorite flavor of ice cream.

Take A Look Around The Fulton Mansion

The Fulton Mansion is brimming with fascinating history, and so many fascinating tales have emerged from its halls.

The Fultons were a wealthy family that made their money in the 1870s by exporting cattle tallows from Rockport to New Orleans.

The mansion is chock-full of amazing memories of awe-inspiring architecture, unusual construction processes, and the Fulton family’s history.

You can take a self-guided audio tour of Fulton Mansion using your own phone to walk you through the halls.

This is one of the top things to do in Fulton, TX for history aficionados.