Big Bend National Park’s Epic Lost Mine Trail: A Brief Guide

If you look for wonderful places to hike in Texas, you’ll find the Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend National Park at the top of the agenda every time.

Big Bend National Park has over 150 miles of trails that take you through a range of terrain and sceneries, but the Lost Mine Trail is a perennial favorite because of the ratio of breathtaking views to time-involved trekking.

The Lost Mine Trail is a moderate climb that rewards you with panoramic views of the Chisos Mountains in all directions.

The walk is easier than most of the other excursions in the Chisos Basin area due to a slow, manageable incline, but the view from the summit is all the motivation you’ll need.

Here’s all you need to know about the Lost Mine walk in Big Bend National Park before you go!

The Lost Mine Trail: Real facts

  1. Moderate Trail Difficulty
  2. Total Round-Trip Distance: 4.8 miles
  3. Time to Finish: 4-6 hours
  4. Gain in elevation: 1,135 feet

Hiking The Lost Mine Trail In Big Bend: Important Tips

  1. Begin early We’ll go over this in more detail in a later section, but it’s vital to start here.

The Lost Mine Trail has extremely limited parking, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Arrive as early as possible, preferably before daybreak.

Furthermore, because the Lost Mine Trail is located in the heart of (the massive) Big Bend National Park, driving directions to the park entrance will not accurately represent the time you’ll arrive at the Lost Mine Trail.

For a more realistic estimate, calculate your drive time based on a visit to the Chisos Basin Mountain Lodge.

2. Carty Water – The area is type of a desert. So you will require a lot of water. So it’s better to carry your own bottle.

3. While trekking in the Lost Mine Trail, have a backup plan – Bear activity, inclement weather, and construction are just a few of the factors that could derail your plans to complete the Lost Mine walk.

Before going out, we recommend checking the National Park Service website for any closures and having a backup plan available.

There are many wonderful hikes to choose from in Big Bend National Park!

4. Keep an eye out for wildlife – You will almost certainly come upon wildlife in some form or another.

You might observe a rabbit scurrying into the brush or a deer basking in the early morning sun. This desert region is also home to rattlesnakes and mountain lions.

All of these animals, more often than not, are more afraid of you than you are of them.

Keep your eyes vigilant, respect animals’ space, avoid antagonizing them, and stick to well-marked pathways, and everyone should be fine.

5. Bring a lunch with you – Many hikers like soaking in the sights at the top of the Lost Mine Trail by bringing a picnic lunch to savor while taking in the views.

You’ll most likely run into other hikers doing the same thing, so arrive early to secure your location to watch the dawn and eat breakfast or lunch.


The Lost Mine Trailhead is located about 1.3 miles before the Chisos Mountain Lodge, along Basin Junction.
The trailhead is modest, with approximately 20 parking places lined up along the little road.

Again, the earlier you arrive at the trailhead, the greater your chances of finding parking.

When To Visit?

Despite the fact that the Chisos Mountains, where the Lost Mine Trail is located, are significantly cooler than the desert level (usually 10-20 degrees cooler), trekking in the summer still means dealing with the heat!

Summer in Big Bend National Park, in addition to the heat, is also the rainy season (May through September), and sudden afternoon thunderstorms might be a concern.

The perfect seasons to go on a Lost Mine hiking are in the spring and fall.

Big Bend National Park is lovely all year, and you may hike the Lost Mine path in any season with the correct flexibility and preparation!