Best Instagrammable Photo Locations On South Padre Island

Are you looking for the best photo sessions on South Padre Island?

Wonderful sandy beaches and wacky, colorful street art abound on Texas’ only tropical island.

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Best Instagrammable Photo Locations On South Padre Island 4

A few of these South Padre photography sites are perfect for an engagement shoot or for filling up your social media feed with vibrant, Instagrammable areas!

Welcome Sign In South Padre Island

You’ll be welcomed by this bright welcome sign when you cross the causeway to the island.

Between two portions of the median is an easily accessible pull-off with a paved path that leads directly to the front of the sign.

This is a convenient photo stop to record the start of your journey to one of Texas’ greatest beach communities!

Riding a Horse on the Beach

A horseback ride down the island’s tremendously long and broad beach is the ideal way to capture some of your favorite South Padre images!

The Beach

Of course, no selection of South Padre Island’s most Instagrammable spots would be complete without at least the magnificent beach.

Consider getting out of bed for the stunning sunrises for an unforgettable experience.

If you are lodging at a seaside hotel, an oceanfront suite with a view of the beach from above is also a great location for South Padre photography.

Pier 19

Pier 19 is one of South Padre’s most popular restaurants, famed for its fried fish and the fact that you can dine immediately overlooking the bay.

Come around sunset to see one of South Padre’s most Instagrammable photo sites at its best!
Laguna Madre Nature Trail

Laguna Madre Nature Trail

The Laguna Madre Nature Trail is short and serene, with superb birdwatching, and is set on a series of boardwalks that lead to the bay.

It’s also a great spot to observe the sunset on South Padre Island and take photos of it.

Kitschy Souvenir Shops

SPI is unquestionably home to some incredibly garish, bright, and over-the-top souvenir stores.

On South Padre Island, they also make for great (and memorable) Instagram photo opportunities.

Port Isabel Lighthouse

Unlike the other Instagrammable spots on South Padre Island, this one isn’t officially on the island–but it’s only a short drive across the Queen Isabella Causeway to Port Isabel.

A simple trek up the 19th-century Port Isabel Lighthouse, on the other hand, will reward you with a spectacular view of the bay and South Padre beyond!

The structure alone is also well worth photographing as one of the nicest lighthouses to see in Texas.