Watch: ‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Trailer Is Out With Great Spoilers

“This Is Us” is coming to an end. It’s time to confront the harsh reality of the adored television series.

Milo Ventimiglia, who plays patriarch Jack Pearson, has stated that the final season will bring tears to the eyes of both the cast and the audience. “This is probably going to break people’s hearts in the most heartfelt way.” It’s stunning. In early October, Ventimiglia said Us Weekly, “I’m so excited.”

‘This Is Us’ big announcement for season 6

This should indicate that fans will find the answers to their flashforward questions, as well as all of the show’s previous plotlines, giving us the complete stories of the family we’ve grown to love over the years.

If you need to start preparing (or hydrating) for the amount of crying you’ll be doing once the show’s finale airs, keep reading to get all the inside info and the latest updates on the “This Is Us” and its upcoming seasons.

Rebecca apologized to Randall at the end of the season for not telling him about his birth parents. And in the season finale’s most shocking scene, we see Kate marrying her coworker Phillip in the future, implying that her marriage to Toby will not last.

Decoding the trailer

Rebecca needs to be concerned regarding her deteriorating mental health as she ages in the two-minute preview.

The author of “This Is Us,” Julia Bronwell, implied to the Deadline that Malik and Deja’s future might not be as set in stone as fans believe.

Similarly, Jennifer Morrison made Since episode 6; it’s been known that fans haven’t seen the last of Cassidy, even though she just chose to give Kevin the brush-off. Of course, celebrating the Big Three’s birthdays is an important part of the show, but some first-look images published by EW shed some light on what will happen this time around.

A beautiful picture uploaded by one of the cast members, Randall (brown), and Beth, tells the tale of their lovely children sitting in front of the kitchen with a laptop, presumably open to Zoom—and based on the expressions on everyone’s faces, this is one of the Pearsons’ less-than-festive birthday celebrations.