‘Ultraman’ Season 2 Coming In April

The creators have finally confirmed that the new season of “Ultraman” will be coming in April. Netflix confirmed that the series would be released in the month of April 2022. The fans are very excited after hearing the news.

The official trailer for season 2 out

The official trailer for “Ultraman” Season 2 is out. The official trailer shows six warriors who will be working together in order to preserve the Earth. After a long gap of two years, the second season is finally going to be released next month. Irrespective of the long gap, the fan following of the series has not declined.

The trailer had short glimpses of humongous monsters and massive fights that might be seen in the upcoming season of “Ultraman”. Recently Netflix has also confirmed the date of release. The series will be out on April 14th 2022. The series will only be available on Netflix, and no other site has the streaming right for Ultraman season 2. Season one consisted of 13 episodes and is available on Netflix.

The trailer is full of fighting scenes

One of the prominent reasons why Ultraman has still attracted an audience is its action scenes and fantastic storyline. The trailer opens with a shocking scene where we see emрty ULTRАMАN suit helmet crashing on the ground. Shinjirо Hаyаtа is also stuck in a bizarre incident and has disappeared from the main plot. Rena and Shinjiro are among the people who have recently disappeared from Earth.

According to indreport, The alien planet known as the Dark Star is probably the main reason why the incident took place. We can expect that we will see encounters from the Dark Star and our heroes on the Earth. It will be interesting to see Shinjiro fight the situation and come out of the problem to reach back on Earth. It is also expected that he will learn some of the darkest secrets of the Dark Star in the coming season. Overall it is going to be an exciting season to witness for the fans.