‘Top Boy’ Season 4 Spoilers: New Challenge Arises From An Unexpected Quarter

The trailer for the new season of “Top Boy” is out, and there is a lot of confusion among the fans regarding the series. The latest episode will be streaming on Netflix, and there are some unexpected events to be seen in the new episodes of the series.

‘Top Boy’: More troubles are coming for Dushane Hill

The series “Top Boy” has been a web series with a lot of ups and downs. The events were seen in the trailer hint that there might be more troubles for the fan-favorite Dushane Hill. We will see that Dushane Hill wins the fight and tries to bring Jamie Tovell into the gang. But this might not be as easy as it might look.

We also see that Dushane describes the entire event to be “more money than you’ve ever seen in your life” in the trailer. It seemed that finally, our favorite Dushane Hill was finding the way out in his life, but things again turned unfavorable for him. The police were also seen chasing our hero, and the detectives also declared that he might be in big trouble in the coming times.

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The summerhouse team tries to protect him

The famous Summerhouse team is known for their bond and friendship, and once again, they will try to save Dushane from all the possible threats. They are seen trying very hard to save their friends, families, and their livelihood, but the story keeps on getting complicated. Dushane and his team still believe in the fact that “Family is everything” and will try to protect their families at any cost.

According to the sources, we are going to see a mixture of action and suspense in the coming season. The characters will be seen making some tough choices that are going to change the entire storyline of the series.

‘Top Boy’ release details

Jamie was framed for gun ownership by Dushane and betrayed by a close family friend, Ats, who placed the pistol. The friendship is now strained, and the two can be seen frowning at each other. The trailer depicts Dushane in trouble with the authorities and police behind him to gather evidence and put him away for long and good, as per the Digital Spy report.

On Friday, March 18, Season 4 will be available on Netflix.