‘Tokyo Revengers’ Chapter 246 Spoiler Alert: Gang Brawl Analysis

“Tokyo Revengers” last episode was an action-packed hit among the fans as it held them to the cliff wanting more. One particular moment that became a fan favorite was when Takemichi hit Kakucho with an insanely powerful punch that immediately knocked him down. Despite the likelihood of failure, the Manji gang is all in to fight Kantou after the over-the-top motivation they received by the Takemichis technique.

‘Tokyo Revengers’: the street brawl between gangs

As we witnessed in the last episode, right when the Tokyo Manji gang decides to go head-on battle with Mikey, a full-blown street fight takes place as everything, and everyone goes insane when battling with each other. Mikey brings this upon himself as he insults Takemichi as the weakest fighter and still has the guts to lead on.

The display of power

Kakucho blows a punch towards Takemichi, but instead of getting knocked down, Takemichi decides to chargeback with a punch of an even greater intensity than successfully throws Kakucho very far away as he skids on the floor and then finally is unable to get up. This puts a solid foundation to Takemichi’s goal of reaching Mikey. The energy that attacks by Takemichi radiated had such an amazing magnitude that it left everyone in utter disbelief. The whole event was a complete inverse of what people speculated which was that defeat of Kakucho is next to impossible.

The aftermath of the fight

Toman is very much inspired by the same, and it’s visible when the gang demolishes the entire fighter group of Kantou. Chifuyu finishes off at least ten members of the Kantou gang in the blink of an eye and sets his aim towards Mochizuki, implying he’s next, as per Dual Shockers.

Toman has already showcased his superb abilities by defeating all the Four heavenly kings during the battle of Tenjiku, and fans would not be surprised if they all lost once again to the Takemichi’s members. The one character to stand tall even against that scenario was Kakucho, and even he has now experienced the taste of dirt after the defeat against Takemichi.

‘Tokyo Revengers’ release details

“Giant Killing” is the title of the next chapter. Chapter 246 begins with Kakucho on the ground, and everyone is stunned by Takemichi’s brutality. The global release of Chapter 246 of “Tokyo Revengers” is set for Tuesday, March 15th, 2022, or Wednesday, March 16th, 2022, depending on your location.