Schools in Central Texas Attempts To Overcome Teacher Shortages

Another Central Texas school district is having an excellent job fair this weekend.

Teacher Shortage Problem Spreads Across Texas

Local schools are attempting to fill vacancies as the Texas teacher shortage spreads across the state.

According to Temple ISD, they are trying to fill 40 vacancies. Killeen ISD had roughly 200 vacancies in their region in 2022.

Temple ISD’s employment fair drew more than 80 applicants, which is encouraging for teacher Robin Strong, who is coming to the Temple area.

To hear that there are still folks out who seem to want to teach Texas’ students is incredibly promising, she remarked.

Strong, a teacher of Grade 3, says she enjoys seeing her students progress intellectually and socially.

Unlike Strong, many instructors have departed the profession in waves throughout the course of the two-year crisis. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) recently announced the formation of a working group to resolve teacher shortages.

TISD’s director of employer relations, Adrian Lopez, says the district has seen the effects of fewer teachers joining the industry and much more leaving.

Lopez said that there are not too many people entering who are entering this program. They are not even seeing as many people coming out of college who are applying for opportunities.

With this in mind, recruitment has become an increasingly important aspect of the talent search. “TISD pays a starting salary of $50,900 and attractive benefits,” according to a press mail issued about the Temple ISD job fair.

Other advantages of working for Temple ISD include excellent training programs, a robust technology program, well-defined employee welfare options, as well as financial assistance in vital requirement areas.

Lopez admits that competition is more crucial now than it has ever been.

You can apply for jobs with Temple ISD by visiting their website, here: