‘Pachinko’ New Korean Television Series: Epic Family Tale To Hit Soon

“Pachinko” novel was released in 2017 by Min Jin Lee. It became a bestseller and became a national book award finalist. The captivating novel became popular as it had a powerful story. About resilience and compassion, the book is all about a married couple. They lived in a village where the daughter of this married couple got pregnant. Overall it is an epic tale of the family of Sunja and Yakuza along with their death and survival.

Later this month, the highly talked novel was taken as an adaptation to create a drama series known as “Pachinko”.

Official Trailer of ‘Pachinko’

The official trailer of “Pachinko” begins with Sunja, daughter of inn owners, being born. She will carry her family’s legacy and encounter different people in her life. It includes Lee Min-ho’s Koh Hansu. The story mainly focuses on the love story of the two. Later she falls in love with Hansu. But it also showcases discrimination, stereotypes, and bullying.

The cast of “Pachinko” includes Youn Yuh-Jung as Sunja, Lee Min-Ho as Hansu, Minha Kim as Teen Sunja, Major Minami ad Etsuko and many others.

Well, you must be excited to know that the trailer for “Pachinko” has finally been released. It is a deeply engaging series about the Korean family in Japan.

‘Pachinko’ release date and details

Three episodes of “Pachinko” will be released on March 25. You can now watch the first three episodes of the Apple TV series on March 25. The series was created by Soo Hugh and directed by Kogonada and Justin Chon.

According to Harpers Bazaar news reports, the premiere is also scheduled for March 25, 2022. The main protagonist of “Pachinko” includes Sunja, a Korean woman. Along with the lead actors, the story will follow the journey of four generations of Korean families. Furthermore, it will show glimpses of changes in their lives as well.

Eight episodes feature dialogue in Korean, Japanese, and English. The last episode will be released on April 29, 2022. Additionally, the filming of “Pachinko” began in 2021 and will end on April 9.