‘One Piece’ Episode 1013 Spoilers: Ace’s Fire Destroys Onigashima

“One piece” continues to give their fans surprises. After the previous episode in which we saw Yamato recalling all his past with Ace, it will be interesting to see if Ace’s Fire will destroy Onigashima or not. Franky and Jinbei also met an enemy in the previous episode who could cause trouble in their journey.

The New ‘One Piece’ Episode Is Titled ‘Yamato’s Past’

In the upcoming episode, we will see how Yamato struggles very hard to recall all about his past. At the beginning of the episode, we see Yamato in the middle of a battle where he is seen remembering a very important event of his past. On the other hand, after we see Akazaya Nine lose the battle, Kaido is seen lifting Onigashima via the Flame Clouds. He further tries to move Onigasima to the Flower Capital of Wano Country.

The Straw Hats and the Samurai were seen battling in the same episode. On the other hand, Luffy is running towards Kaido. A member of the Straw Hats tells everyone that he will make an antidote that will eventually save allies and enemies. This might create a lot of problems for our heroes eventually.

Marco uses his fire

Marco uses his fire for everyone and eventually gives Chopper more time. He does so in order to find the antidote along with Tristan and Miyagi. Marco also offers Zoro that he will fly him to the roof. He knows that if he doesn’t do so, Zoro and the others will have to fight somewhere else. Straw Hats also want to protect the Chopper as the Queen informed Beast Pirates that Chopper was the one who tricked them. In all this happening, Hyogoro and all the other samurai inform Zoro, Brook, and Robin to move forward as they take the responsibility of protecting Chopper.

We will also see Apoo appearing again in the series and plans to fight for the antidote. A lot of events are happening in the series, and the episode is going to boost the excitement to a different level.