‘My Dress-Up Darling’ Special Beach Episode

In the recent episode of “My Dress-Up Darling” fans, we saw some exciting turn of events. The 8th episode is based on events on the beach and has lots of hidden information in it.

‘My Dress-Up Darling’: A shojo-style seinen anime

The unique series of “My Dress-Up Darling” stars meek doll maker Gojo Wakana. His friend Kitagawa Marin is also seen in the series. In the first episode, we saw both of them were caught in a friendship, and they are exploring the fantastic world of cosplay from the first episode.

Gojo and Marin have already covered up a massive part of the ground. They learn about life in this chapter. When they visit the beach, they re-enact their entire life and story. But this beach episode is very different from all others. The newest episode of the series is an obligatory anime beach episode. The episode shows that Marin and Gojo are present with their new friend named Juju in the episode. However, the presence of Juju was not seen as very evident in the series.

Marin’s idea to visit the beach

Basically, Marin was the one responsible for taking both the friends to the beach. Hence it is confirmed that Marin was responsible for her new tailor for cosplay. The complete plot was based on the events revolving around the actions of Marin. The episode starts on a very standard note, but on the other hand, it ends up with lots of secrets. Marin thoroughly knows what she wants, and her actions in the series make this very sure. On the other hand, Gojo seemed very confused in the episode.

The viewers were confused with the strange beach episode, but as mentioned, the creators have made it very clear the episode has hidden information. Hence if you are a fan of the episode, then you must look out for the beach episode.