‘Kotaro Lives Alone’: Season 1: New Launched Series Not to Miss

Japanese lighthearted yet emotional manga series, “Kotaro Lives Alone”, is penned by Mami Tsumura. This series was published in Big Comic Superior magazine in 2015 and afterwards broadcasted in 2021 on TV Asahi. However, in March 2022, the ten episodic manga series “Kotaro Lives Alone” was premiered and started streaming on Netflix.

The heartfelt and emotional journey of Kotaro was directed and adapted by Tomoe Makino and Liden Films, respectively. The former is famous for his directorial masterpiece anime, Woodpecker Detective’s Office.

‘Kotaro Lives Alone’: Who is Kotaro

As the name suggests, a four-year-old parentless boy, Kotaro, is the protagonist of “Kotaro Lives Alone”. He starts living in the neighbouring apartment of a failed manga artist, Shin Karino. The way his neighbourhood loves and cares for him is beyond comparison.

The caring people living next door to Kotaro make a precious bond with him. Their kindness and tremendous support help him gain mastery over his traumatic past. The episode of their togetherness to find happiness is the best part of the series.

The Problematic Past of Kotaro

The four-year boy Kotaro in “Kotaro Lives Alone” shares very heart-rending experiences from his past. The viewers can put themselves in the shoes of Kotaro and feel for him. It is the traumatic past that forced Kotaro to grow intellectually. He is the result of abusive treatment by his parents and the painful experience of starvation.

Though the poor child, Kotaro, is treated wrongly in the past, the painful and hurting part is he blames himself for everything. Therefore, the whole series is dedicated to Kotaro learning to trust people by overcoming his problematic past traumas, as per Ready Steady Cut.com.

By revealing the past of Kotaro in “Kotaro Lives Alone,” the heartfelt story reveals the realities of the modern world. Though you see the bitter realities of this modern world through the character of Kotaro, the series also delivers a meaningful message to the viewers about the effect of abusive parental relationships on the children and the repercussions of underestimation of children.

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