‘Kengan Omega’ Chapter 150 Spoiler Alert: The Fight Starts

“Kengan Omega” is the sequel of a Japanese Manga Series named Kengan Ashura. This series was penned by Yabako Sandrovich and was demonstrated in detail by Doraemon. From April 2012 to August 2018, it was published on Shogakukan’s Sunday website.

Kengan Omega episodes began in January 2019. A new episode of “Kengan Omega” is about to be released. This is raising the excitement among the fans prominently.

‘Kengan Omega’ – Plot

The story takes place after the stunning events of Kengan Ashura, the prequel. A young man enters the Kengan matches by the name of Narushima Kouga to find Tokita Ouma for unknown reasons.

Narushima starts to work for Yamashita Kazuo, where he also gets to meet Gaou Ryuuki, a complete doppelganger of Ouma. The Purgatory and Kengan Association rivalry keeps happening, but now another underground martial-arts fighting organization has come into the background. We have to see how Narushima will become strong enough to fight in the legendary Kengan matches.

‘Kengan Omega’- Sneak peek into Chapter 150

After a time skip of about two years, the story moves forward, and we observe the Kengan fight between Narushima Koga, the “Fist-Eye” and Utsubuki Kokuro, the “Wolf soldier”.

‘Kengan Omega’ – The fight between Narushimo and Kakuro

According to the reports of Anime Manga News, the fighters took their positions and had started the fight. Kokuro was seen attacking, but Koga’s swift defence tactics abruptly cut off his actions. Narushima was able to defend a flurry of punches thrown by Kokuro.

Later in the fight, Kokuro tries to perform the ‘Stinger’ attack, but Narushima dodges them probably by an inch successfully, to which Kokuro said, “Not bad”.

It’s highly likely that in the coming episodes, we will get to see some breathtaking moves and flashbacks of what happened in the fight and a time-to-time sneak peek into the instances of what had happened in the past two years.

‘Kengan Omega’ – Release Date

Fans will enjoy the new episode of “Kengan Omega” on March 9, 2022. The timings will differ for the regions.