‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Chapter 177: 3-way fight between Takako, Ryu and Yuta

Chapter 177 is expected to take the fans to the 4th portion of the Sendai Colony arc. From the previous episode, we can deem that the special grade sorcerer of Jujutsu High has no threat from Dhruv and Kurourushi. Also, Yuta seems not to be able to fight Takako and Ryu simultaneously as he is roughed up a little. So let us see what the upcoming chapter has in store for us?

Ryu and Takako are high in their games

Ryu delivers the highest cursed energy that can even cause a cannon blast. Basically, he can completely destroy anything that comes his way. On the other hand, Takako has control over the skyline simply by the palms of her hand. She can use it anytime for either defending or attacking. Now, the next chapter will explore if Yuta can stand against such enormously powerful opponents.

Some snippets of Ryu’s life story

The initial scene of the new chapter shows the privileged life of Ryu. He will share certain life aspects of his past days with Yuta. He was content with moderation. His extraordinary life has no sort of beautiful women and exciting fights. However, he confesses that he is annoyed by people who look down on him due to his privileges. He eventually makes him feel that there’s no point in living.

3-way fight between Takako, Ryu and Yuta

Once the flashbacks of Ryu’s life get over, fans will witness a 3-way fight. Powerful blows from the side of Ryu and Yuta cancel out one another’s attacks. But, Ryu soon figures out a way to throw Yuta on the ground. Further, he fires his Granite cannon to finish everything once and for all.

What happens to Yuta?

Surprisingly, Yuta saves himself from the massive cursed energy thrown on him. Then he bodyslams Ryu up to the top and intends to punch him. But, Takako comes in between them using her powers. However, you’ll see Ryu getting absolutely irritated by the intervention.

As Ryu is too angry with Takako, it doesn’t seem like they would want to team up now against Yuta.