‘Good Girls’ Season 5: Is It On or Off ?

The previous season of “Good Girls” ended with a lot of tension, and the fans are still waiting to know what is coming next. You don’t have to wait anymore as the newest season of the series is on its way, and we here have some of the significant spoilers you need to know about season four of ‘Good Girls.’

Season 4 was postponed

Season 4 of ‘Good Girls’ was postponed, and the news came out as a heartbreak to all the fans. The new season was forced to be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even the third season was affected by the pandemic. Instead of 16 episodes, the series ran only for 11 episodes.

As per the sources, the fourth season will be the last season, and it will end the story. Hence the viewers are very excited to see how things are going to end. Retta, Christina Hendricks, and Mae Whitma will be back in the series, and we will see them in characters of three suburban mothers.

Season 3 was a complete roller coaster

Season 3 of the series revolved around the story of the three girls involved in an illegal business. They were seen printing money and even engaged in the business of money laundering. They were trying to get back and come to terms with Rio’s death at Beth’s hands. Beth was seen moving away from Ruby and Annie. Both of them became tired of re-entering the crime scenes. Beth also discovered that her past would continue to haunt her, and things got more challenging for her to deal with.

The newest season 4 is not currently available on Hulu and other streaming platforms, but it is expected to come out very soon. Most of the NBC shows are broadcasted over Hulu, and hence we are hoping that it will be released on the platform very soon. In Season 4 we are likely to see how the story changes for our good girls. We would also see the girls being forced into a heist by the Secret Service in the season.