‘Gemstones’ Season 2’s Biggest Villain Reveal Yet

Thaniel Block (Jason Schwartzman), AN fact-finding journalist specializing in disinterment dirt on megachurches and trying to create Eli crystal (John Goodman) his latest target, was introduced in Season two of The Righteous crystals. Once the ‘Gemstone’ kids arrived to undertake to discount with Block — or a minimum of threatening him into guiltiness — they found his Air BnB had become against the law scene, with a razed automotive encircled by bodies and Block himself dead within with a hole in his head.

The children fled, unaware that this was solely the start of their problems. Before long after, Jesse (Danny McBride) and Amber (Cassidy Freeman) were targeted for assassination by what came to be referred to as the Cycle Ninjas, a heavily armed bike gang who created a trial on the couple’s lives.

‘Gemstones’ Season 2’s Biggest Villain

A couple of episodes later, they followed up by targeting Eli himself, golf stroke the crystal patriarch into a coma. The Ninjas tried to complete the job. However, they were captured and sent to jail until they designed their own escape before anyone could get any info from them. There was very little question that these events were linked, but who remained a mystery behind them. The foremost obvious suspect was Glendon Marsh younger (Eric Roberts), a Dixie mob boss and former associate of Eli’s who gave the impression to have a score to settle with the great doctor.

Season 2 To Be Out Soon

However, in Season 2’s penultimate episode, “The Prayer of a Righteous Man,” Eli confronted Junior and cleared the air, ending their preparation feud. Junior didn’t send anyone when the Gemstones feat the question of simply who was the mastermind of the season’s events.

The finale, “I can Tell of all of your Deeds,” disclosed the actual culprit: Reverend Lyle Lissons (Eric Andre) and his better half social dancing (Jessica Lowe), a try of fellow megachurch pastors. Lyle had been feeding info to the dam that the journalist might take down rival preachers, and therefore the Lissons could soak up their flocks. However, Block refused and was vulnerable to line his sights on Lyle, leading Lyle and his loyalists to stage a slapdash assault on Block that resulted in the deaths of everybody — except Lyle himself, who in cold blood dead 2 of his own followers once he suspected the crystal kids had seen them.