‘Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai’ Episode 73 Spoilers: Great Trouble For Dai And Popp

“Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai” is a Japanese manga series that tells the story of a young hero, Dai. Along with his friends, he fights to save the world from the dark forces led by the Dark Lord Hadlar. The upcoming episode of the series will portray great trouble before Dai and Popp.

‘Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai’ the upcoming episode

The upcoming “Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai” episode is named “The Hope in the Flames.” The last episode witnessed the rise of the Halder again to face his true battle. This episode will witness a ferocious fight for Dia and Popp. The dark power is gaining over the duo with no ray of hope for both.

‘The synopsis of episode 72

Hadlar was back in the fight in the previous episode, “Last Attack.” Dai summoned Zapple, and Hadlar observed that his opponent was using magic to compensate for the loss of Aura. Dai’s Zap Strash was weaker than Hadlar’s new assault. Then Dai took the sheath from Lon Beruk and stated that it was his new weapon.

He knew his sword couldn’t become much stronger, but he could augment the strength of his Magic Sword by utilizing the scabbard. When Dai stowed his weapon in the sheath, the sword’s magical strength grew exponentially. He was prepared to take on Hadlar.

‘Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai’ upcoming Killvearn’s kill trap

Killvearn is in power in Episode 73, pushing Dai and Popp deeper into the ground, as reported by the International Business Times. The Underworld’s terrible flames are closing in on the two. Their stamina ebbs and flows. They appear to be losing the struggle until a single beam of light falls on Popp. The duo has to fight hard to win Killvearn’s Kill Trap again. But do they succeed? Well, fans have to wait a bit more to find out.

‘Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai’ when to watch

“Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai” new episode will be released on the official platforms that include Crunchyroll and Hulu this Saturday.