Best Day Trips From College Station, Texas, Including Brenham

Look no further if you’re looking for the greatest day trips from College Station, Texas.

You’ll find plenty of short road excursions from College Station, whether you’re an Aggie looking to get away from school for a while or a weekend visitor hoping to learn more about the region beyond the little town.

The top day outings from College Station are listed here!

The Best Day Trips From College Station

Navasota + Washington-on-the-Brazos

A short journey to Navasota, TX, will be well worth your time because it is home to some of the best art. In this magnificent town, also known as the Blues Capital of Texas, every door you pass through illustrates its historical heritage. Take your first trip at Bluebonnet Vintage Collectibles, known for its unusual trinkets and antiques. Navasota can also be paired with a visit to historic Washington-on-the-Brazos, one of Texas’ most important historical sites and the birthplace of the state!


Despite the fact that Bryan is almost fused to College Station, it is still a great excursion away from campus! A variety of restaurants and stores have been appreciated for generations in Bryan’s historic downtown. Whether you’re searching for a place to unwind after an Aggie football game or want to explore its farmer’s markets and antique shops, this beautiful, brick-paved strip has a lot to offer. Start your day with a visit to The Bird’s Nest, an antique boutique that will pique any vintage collector’s interest. Take a seat at Proudest Monkey or RX Pizza and Bar, two of the area’s most distinctive eateries, for a memorable eating experience. Take a quick drive over to Lake Bryan if you’re searching for a location to cool off on a hot summer afternoon. Thanks to its many hiking trails and canoe ramps, this excursion will be full of exciting and cost-effective activities.


The quaint community of Brenham, located just a short, picturesque drive from College Station, offers a variety of activities to fill your day trip agenda. The famed Blue Bell Creamery is, of course, a must-see! Views of the factory are available, and samples of some of your favorite flavors from this renowned destination.

La Grange

If you want to visit a storybook town, La Grange is where to go. It has a rich history and unrivaled terrain. Before stopping into Blissful Folly Farm for a tasty bite to eat, look around the area’s many vintage shops. Take a tour to Jersey Barnyard to watch and learn more about the dairy-making process if you’re looking for a fun attraction.

The Colorado River runs through town, a magnificent, wide length of land with plenty of fishing and outdoor activities.