‘Attack On Titan’ Season 4 Part 2 Spoilers: Prepare For The Fight

“Attack on Titan” is getting complicated day by day, and fans are waiting for the arrival of Eren. But after another week, we didn’t see Eren in the series. Our Favorite hero has started the so-called “the Rumbling” after getting converted as a villain.

Commander Hange Zoe Declared, “Genocide is wrong.”

In the latest episode of “Attack on Titan,” we saw Commander Hange Zoe confirming that our hero is now performing actions on the opposing side. In the newest episode, “Night of the End,” we saw that our favorite heroes from the 104th cadet corps were seen preparing for the fight with their best friends. It is going to be a massive challenge for the corps to defeat their loved ones. The Scout Regiment leaders, Hange and Levi, have grouped up with Marleyans General Theo Magath Cart Titan Pieck Finger.

On the other hand, fans believe that Armin’s views on the unique world thinking of Paradis the demons were initially peaceful is somewhat true. Since there is a minimal number of options left after what Erinn did, survivors must talk to one another to help them out. If they keep on ignoring each other, it will become impossible to stop the genocide. The current episode has also raised a lot of tricky questions. The fans are all excited to see if the group is all out of options or not.

Fans expected a lot from Mikasa.

We all expected a lot from Mikasa. But on the other hand, we didn’t get any clear answer from the character. Yelena dug deep into some old conflicts in the last episode; hence things get complicated between islanders and the Marleyans. The Event regarding the kill of Marco was also enlightened in the latest episode. We can expect a lot of actions in the upcoming one.