‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Best Spoilers

Season four of “Yellowstone” made Beth, Rip, and other characters go through such turmoil and transformed the series into a superhit Western masterpiece. It is all thanks to its storylines and complex characters. Each character has some development, and the show is doing justice. This article will tell you some spoilers of “Yellowstone” season five.

What About Beth?

The furious Caroline has promised to put this cool-headed character in prison for good. Even after committing serious corporate espionage against Market Equities, Beth shrugs off any threats thrown her way. Perhaps this time, our ice queen will fall into the fire pit.

John And His Campaigns

According to tvline.com, it is clear as ice that John does not want to have the governor’s seat again in his life. However, something will make him see the campaign only if Jamie will not get the seat. Under no circumstances will John tolerate Jamie wielding so much power. Moreover, with photographic evidence of Jamie’s father’s murder in the hands of Beth, John will have to choose his steps cleverly.

Jimmy And Emily Will Return?

These lovebirds became regulars on the show during season four, so fans can expect them to share the screen one more time. They are a breath of fresh air among all the other corrupt characters in “Yellowstone.” However, their recurring appearance on the show may result in a wacky Texas-set spinoff away from Yellowstone.

Carter’s Future

Carter has mentioned not having a real family, but can we believe this kid? What if some distant relative is willing to look after the runt? Hopefully, someone will get him away from Rip and Beth’s stable and into a classroom. Who knows? Someone might show up. Moreover, it might happen when Rip decides to open his heart up to Carter.

Lastly, we cannot help but mention Teeter, the petite character without a story. The actress has become a regular in the show, so fans may begin to understand her incomprehensible mutterings at her fellow ranch members.

Will this quirky girl get a good character arc? Does Carter have a real family? What about the Texas-based couple getting a spinoff? Watch season five of “Yellowstone” to find out!