‘Worst Roommate Ever’ Season 1 Spoiler Alert On New True-Crime Series

“Worst Roommate Ever” Season 1 of the true-crime series will hit the OTT platform Netflix on March 1, 2022. We are more than thrilled to binge-watch this amazing series with a captivating trailer and an amazing cast. So, it’s time to find some spoilers, cast, and background of the most-awaited series for unmatched fun.

‘Worst Roommate Ever: a quick synopsis

Fights and disagreements with the individuals with whom we share a house are common. However, you know you’ve entered a perilous zone when those folks become a threat to your existence.

“Worst Roommate Ever” is a new Netflix docuseries. It delves into the lives of dangerous, violent, and nasty people who turn their housemates’ lives into living nightmares.

The basis of series

The base of the series is the most surprising part. The true-crime series is based on William Brennan’s 2018 piece in New York Magazine. The article details some of the worst living experiences of people and the consequences of their choices. Even though the magazine article focuses on one particular con artist and squatter, the documentary also includes other criminals who have committed similar (or worse) crimes.

‘Worst Roommate Ever’ peep in the plot

The five-part true-crime series follows four deadly crooks who snuck into the homes and lives of ordinary people and flipped their lives upside down, as confirmed by Liesurebyte.

In Orange County, California, K.C. Joy shared an apartment with war veteran Maribel Ramos, later found dead. Joy was arrested and convicted of murder.

Then there’s the case of Alex Miller, a Philadelphia resident who rented her apartment to a Jed Creek, who began to claim it as his own.

Dorothea Puente, who owned a boarding home in Sacramento, California, in the 1980s, is also featured in the series. However, the story is bleak, as Puente was found guilty of murder.

Finally, in Santiago, Chile, Youssef Khater made headlines for defrauding his tenants. He dumped big sums of money and assaulted one of them brutally.

‘Worst Roommate Ever’ release and episodes

“Worst Roommate Ever” is a five-part docuseries. It will premiere on Netflix on Tuesday, March 1, 2022. With a total of five episodes, you will be amazed at the titles and the chilling stories linked to them.

Episode 1: “Roommate Wanted – Part 1”
Episode 2: “Roommate Wanted – Part 2”
Episode 3: “Be Careful of the Quiet Ones”
Episode 4: “Call Me Grandma”
Episode 5: “Marathon Man”

The first two episodes explore the same story, whereas the rest three are separate incidents. So stay tuned on Netflix to enjoy this nail-biting and chilling story of crime around you.