Warrants Issued For Two Dallas Police Officers For 2020 George Floyd Protests

Two Dallas officers, Ryan Mabry and Melvin Williams (former officer) face several Dallas County district attorney’s office accusations. The officers are accused of forcing protestors that resulted in George Floyd’s death in 2020. Texas Tribune reports that the officers face multiple counts of increased assault and use of a threatening weapon. The police department fired Williams on Jan 25; he violated the department’s use-of-force policy. The investigatory found video footage of Williams punching a protestor in 2020’s summer. The reports say that he was under the previous investigation before being fired.

Warrants Issued For Two Dallas Police Officers For 2020 George Floyd Protests

Attorneys Defend The Convicted

Texas Tribune reports that officers’ lawyers said their clients would surrender to the police. However, the attorneys will defend their actions. The lawyers said that the officers had dutifully used force to restrict the illegal gathering of protestors in 2020. The reports suggest that the weapons injure the hostile mob, not for killing. The irresponsible use of firearms can incur damage to individuals. The actions of the police officers are shameful, and the authorities will likely offer justice to the deceased. The protests took place in several cities, including Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Fort Worth. The public outrage grew after George Floyd’s death.

Several Police Officers Face Criminal Charges

Texas Tribune quoted Robert L. Rogers, a Dallas attorney representing Williams; he said, “The only reason that Williams and the other SWAT members were down there and being asked to use the 40-millimeter less-lethal tools was that the protests had devolved into violent riots. Every one of these instances that the Dallas County district attorney’s office is filing these charges on, we’re well within what the manufacturer says how to use it and Dallas Police policy, and well within the Penal Code.”

Texas Tribune reports that around 18 Austin police officers are under criminal charges for their protests. However, the outcomes of those accusations are still unclear. A grand jury will decide officers’ fate; they can also prohibit the further use of weapons during protests. Thousands of protestors suffered severe injuries, including head wounds and fractures. Officers used intolerable force to control the crowd.