‘Transformers’ Updates: Megatron And Optimus Prime Could Be Seen As New Female Leads

With the conflict between Megatron’s Decepticons and Optimus Prime’s Autobots and new television and movie shows in the process, the primary robots in disguised are getting a bizarre new transformation. Numerous statues depict the perhaps most important “Transformers” in the Cybertron saga. However, Kotobukiya is attempting to turn them into anime ladies for the first time.
Koyobukiya has been manufacturing statues for a long time, but these impending Megatron’s Decepticons and Optimus Prime makeovers are far from the company’s first weird statues.

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Jason Voorhees, Chucky, Freddy Krueger, and Leatherface have all undergone bizarre makeovers in the past by the figure creators, all getting strange makeovers in the same style. Megatron and Optimus Prime are perhaps two of the most popular “Transformers” who have helped propel the “Transformers” franchise. However, throughout cartoon and live-action mediums, they’re still not a part of this transformation before.

Kotobukiya released concept images for the next Decepticon and Autobot heads.

The Female Leads

Imagine anime girls as Cybertron’s leaders, with diverse aesthetics, pulled directly both from Optimus Prime and his perennial foe Megatron.

The “Transformers” debuted in 1984 as a cartoon movie and a toy line, introducing us to the war that erupted between the planets Cybertron and Earth for the first time. Fans have seen various takes and re-imaginings of the two sides of the aisle. They seemed bound in an everlasting conflict over the decades and with the Rise of Beasts on the horizon. We won’t be shocked if Optimus Prime and Megatron get new makeovers as well.

Releasing a new figure reconstruction is all in a day’s work for Kotobukiya, as among Japan’s major anime figure manufacturers. It’s also no surprise that its latest figure contains “Bishoujo,” the Japanese term for “pretty girl,” as part of its moniker, given the aesthetics beloved.

But what’s surprising is that Kotobukiya’s new figure is called Bishoujo Convoy, and while the name may sound like it’s from a harem series. The reality is that Convoy is the Japanese name for Optimus Prime, the chief of the “Transformers” franchise’s good forces.