‘Tower Of God’ Season 2 Is All Set For Upcoming Season!

Are you looking forward to the release of an upcoming season of Tower of God? Here’s all we understand about the release date for Season 2 of Tower of God reports Market Research.

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Source: Netflix

In the realm of free webcomics, the Tower of God has ushered in a revolution. The first episode has just captivated our hearts by delivering such a great plot with various elements of comedy, action, and pure pleasure.

Tower of God is a fascinating dark epic fantasy anime program that demonstrates that the wide realm of Korean anime has many undiscovered mysteries. With so many positive reviews for the first chapter, it’s easy to see why Crunchyroll chose the original Tower of God manga to create an animation masterpiece in 2020.

Tower of God Season 1 premiered in April 2020, directed by Takashi Sano and produced by Joseph Chou, and had 13 epic episodes before reaching its conclusion in June 2020. On the other hand, fans do not appear to be over it yet. They’ve flooded social media and anime message boards with inquiries about Season 2 of Tower of God.

The Tower of God Season 2 launch date was buzzing on social media for a long time, as fans were raving about the program. So, when might we expect a new series of Tower of God? Here’s what we’ve learned thus far.

Upcoming Season: Tower of God

Tower of God Season 1 is among Crunchyroll’s most well-known productions. Even though it is a Crunchyroll exclusive and does not have a major label, the program has gained much attention in the anime community.

On IMDb, Season 1 of Tower of God received 7.7 out of 10 stars. In contrast, the fans received rave praises from the wild action sequences and beautiful characters. As a result, Tower of God Season 2 is among the most eagerly awaited anime releases of 2022. However, it has been over two years since the developers have said anything regarding a sequel.