‘Tokyo 24th Ward’ Episode 7 Postponed! Here’s The New Release Time And Date

”Tokyo 24th Ward” season 1 episode 7 has been postponed in Tokyo, so when will the animation be available for foreign streaming? The construct of anticipation for every new episode of your beloved animated series is one of the most enjoyable elements of watching it. Fans of CloverWorks’ new animated series Tokyo 24th Ward, on the other hand, will be upset to learn that the program will be missing from the program this week, reports Hitc.com.

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Unfortunately, the national broadcast of ”Tokyo 24th Ward” season 1 episode 7 on the Tochigi, ABC TV, Tokyo MX, BS11, and Gunma television networks in Japan has been postponed. This implies that the next episode of the new anime would be delayed for Funimation and Crunchyroll’s worldwide streaming release.

The forthcoming episode has been postponed in order to “keep the quality of the main plot,” according to a news article on the series’ official Japanese website. “We sorry for the delay for the people who were waiting forward to the program,” the production staff said at the end of the post.


Release Time And Date

Season 1 show 7 of ”Tokyo 24th Ward” now will air on Wednesday, Feb 23, 2022, according to the original Japanese site’s delayed notice.

From the following hours on Funimation and Crunchyroll, the new episode “Golden Sunrise” will be available for global streaming:

9 a.m. PST (Pacific Standard Time)
12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
5 p.m. GMT (British Time)
6 p.m. CET (European Time)
1 a.m. PHT (Philippine Time) (Feb 24)

On March 2nd, Episode 7 will be available for free at the timings listed.

Of course, the duration of any multicast anime denotes the number of episodes that will be shown, which is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Regrettably, there have been conflicting claims online about the number of shows in the Tokyo 24th Ward season.

According to Next Episode, EpicStream, and MyAnimeList, the new program will feature a total of 12 episodes. This will be in line with the average timeframe for simulcast anime, as well as the fact that the show will be shown in one-hour segments.