‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers

“The Young And The Restless” is a show full of drama and relationships. The spoilers suggest that there will be a lot of twists and turns in the story.

Adam And Sally

Adam has developed strong feelings for Sally. He has confessed these feelings after he gave her a job at Newman Media. They will try to give their relationship a shot but find it hard to make it work. They are definitely not ready to give up. It is because Adam has a lot of complications in his love life.

Has He Moved On?

Adam has a soft spot for all his ex-girlfriends. Chelsea and Adam may not have gotten over each other. However, one of the previews shows Chelsea fantasizing about kissing Rey. It may be an act to provoke Adam. Her display of obsession for Rey may distract Adam, causing troubles in his relationship with Sally.

Chelsea is not the only obstacle in the relationship between Adam and Sally. His family also does not like the idea of him being with Sally. Spoilers by Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Victor has already told Sally to stay away from Adam. Adam gets distracted due to women. It is why Victor took away Newman’s Media from him. Victoria also does not like to see Adam and Sally together. She does not have a personal issue with Sally but hates the idea of two employees dating each other. Victoria does not want the relationship between Adam and Sally to destroy her company.

Can Adam Manage It?

Sally is not answerable to anyone in Genoa City. However, Adam has a family that is obsessed with him. He will have to think about his next move carefully. Adam will have to try not to offend his family members. Unfortunately, he will have to fight with his family to have a relationship with Sally.

Adam and Sally might keep their relationship a secret to maintain peace. Chelsea might be the biggest issue for him and Sally. Nobody knows what he will do to protect his relationship. Is his attraction to Sally strong enough to make him fight his family? Watch “The Young And The Restless” to find out!