‘The Weekend Away’ Spoiler Alert: Bestie Vacation Goes Wrong

“The Weekend Away” is just a few days away from being aired on Netflix, and this is raising questions and curiosity among the viewers. Surrounded by various questions, especially the link of the movie to the book, this is sure going to be a great crime thriller to enjoy.

‘The Weekend Away’ star cast

Leighton Meester and Christina Wolfe star in the film. The Netflix original “The Weekend Away” appears to be a cross between a murder mystery and a female-piloted Bourne action film, based on the trailer, as reported by Distractify.

‘The Weekend Away’ broad storyline

A pleasant vacation, two best friends, and a beautiful location, what can go wrong in such a perfectly planned trip. But when Kate’s lifeless body is discovered in a river, the trip turns into a nightmare for Leighton’s character Beth and Christina’s Kate. Beth also appears to be the main suspect.

Dive in to know about the novel

“The Weekend Away” is based on a classic novel. Orla (in the film, her name is Beth) is about to go on her first weekend away with Kate, her oldest best friend, and ex-roommate.

Kate, divorced and single, wants some girl time and convinces a friend to join her on vacation. They’re now in beautiful Lisbon (the film takes place in Croatia), where they’re staying in an Airbnb with a hot tub and a breathtaking view.

Everything is so beautiful and amazing to be true. However, much to Orla’s surprise, their first night together includes drugs and a trip to the bar. Kate is adamant that they return to their apartment with two dashing men. Now, Kate is nowhere to be found the next thing Orla knows, causing panic and dismay. She now has to decide who she can trust and avoid.

Laters, Kate is found dead, which makes Orla the prime suspect. The two were male escorts who planned a theft but didn’t kill Kate. Later, Orla discovers that Kate and her husband l, Rob, were having an affair, and he was in the town the night Kate died.

The end of the novel

It is revealed that Kate was in the police station on the night of death. Footage reveals the shocking truth that the killer is none other than the ex-husband Rob.

What about the movie’s end

Well, the novel and screenplay writer Sarah Alderson has tweaked the ending, and it will be known when you watch the movie on March 3 on Netflix. So, brace yourself for a great pick and be ready to get amazed.