The ‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: ‘No Other Way!’

“Walking Dead” Season 11 has been all about ups and downs. With season 9 coming out soon, fans are expecting a lot. The newest episode is named “No Other Way,” and it takes the audience right back into the action where the season break was taken.

Leah is seen back in action.

The character of Lynn Collins, who is named Leah in “Walking Dead,” was earlier seen with Daryl in a romantic relationship. But the fans were left disappointed when Leah broke the man’s heart. The situation became so intense that Daryl even shot rockets at his friends.

Daryl to leave Leah in the current episode

In the current episode, Daryl escapes Leah leaving everybody surprised. On the other hand, Maggie lands in trouble as he gets trapped while running away from Carver. However, the iconic characters Elijah and Negan were there to rescue and help in the situation. Though Carver faces three folks, he gives a strong fight against them. At last, Negan strikes him with a huge metal bell, and it seems like Carver gets defecated.

Maggie is seen going for the final blow, but Daryl appears and stops him from doing so. He suggests using Carver as a bargain with Leah, and hence we expected things to go very crazy. The bargaining didn’t go as expected, and due to the special sniper placed by Leah, they eventually were seen forced to defeat. After the threat on Maggie’s life, Daryl was forced to release Carver.

Elijah is still looking for his sister’s revenge.

As we know, Carver was the one who killed Elijah’s sister, and leaving him by coming so close to his revenge made things miserable for him. It is expected that he might lose his control, and this won’t be good for our heroes.