‘The Rising Shield’ Next Season Is To Be Out Soon

The newest season of “The Rising Shield” will be out soon, and we have the spoilers right here. The amazing anime has taken unique twists, and fans are wondering what’s coming next. Don’t worry, as we have the best information regarding the series for you.

After a long run, season two of ‘The Rising Shield’ is coming soon.

The creators are not yet confirmed on the dates, but according to reports, the next season will be telecasted very shortly, and there is even a possibility that it will be out in the first week of March. The entire story revolves around a special character named Naofumi Iwatami. He gets his special powers and the Legendary Shield as his main weapon, and the story is completely revolving around it. He also faced the huge wave of Cardinal Heroes, which eventually was something to watch out for the audience.

Naofumi Iwatami was accused of sexual harassment by his girlfriend. Things get very tricky, and we see our hero becoming a villain in no time. He fights hard to get back his powers. In a huge part of the series, we saw him struggling against Waves, but things didn’t end well in the season.

Naofumi Iwatami will defend himself in the upcoming series.

We will see Naofumi Iwatami struggling very hard to defend his honor in the upcoming series. On one side, he faces the allegation by the society of being a sexual harasser, and on the other side, he will be facing the waves. It’s all going to be crazy. Here is a huge chance to get to know more about the rival gangs in the upcoming seasons. At Crunchyroll’s 2020 Virtual Expo, the creators confirmed season two.