‘The Case Study of Vanitas’ Part 2, Episode 19 Spoiler Alert

“The Case Study of Vanitas” Part 2, Episode 19 is named “Canorus” is here for you. A perfect episode where Vanitas tries to save Chloé, this episode will surely amaze fans. Recently, the official website shared a quick synopsis of the episode and what can be expected from the episode.

‘The Case Study of Vanitas’ storyline

Vanitas understands that he can’t cure her without her consent, even employing the “Book of Vanitas” power. Jeanne makes contact with Chloé. Meanwhile, Noé gets engulfed in flames while fighting alongside Astolfo.

In the previous episode, Jeanne had promised to kill Chloé, “Just the Two of Us.” On the other hand, Vanitas sought to persuade her that Chloé was not the beast. Lord Ruthven had instructed her to end the disturbance in Gévaudan; she claimed it didn’t matter to her. Ruthven never asked her to kill Chloé, confirmed Vanitas.

Because she believed Chloé was a curse-bearer, Jeanne believes she was beyond help, as confirmed by IBTimes.

Astolfo became trapped in a vicious cycle of hatred due to this traumatic event. In fact, this is one of the reasons why he can’t seem to break out. He attacks both Jean-Jacques and Noé in the present.

‘The Case Study of Vanitas’ Chloé’s take

Chloé’s plan is to destroy herself and the castle. This is discovered by Jean-Jacques, who tries to talk her out of it, causing her to regain some semblance of humanity. Vanitas and Jeanne arrive at that point, clutching the grimoire. On the other hand, Naenia will not go down without a fight, so expect plenty of action in episode 19!

‘The Case Study of Vanitas’ episode 19 release date

“The Case Study of Vanitas” Part 2, Episode 19, is expected to be released on Saturday the 26th of February at midnight in Japan. Accordingly, it will be on air in different time zones.

Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, MBS, CBC, HBC, and RKB are this show’s original Japanese television networks. This show is also available on Funimation, Hulu, and other platforms. The show’s availability on these platforms will vary depending on your location.