‘Sweet Magnolias’ Spoilers: There is a lot to unpack!

The western audience and their love for “Sweet Magnolias” is something unbreakable. The people in this show are stuck in some dilemmas, and fans are eager to know what happens next. Well, there is some good news. The spoilers for “Sweet Magnolias” have shocked us all! A few interactions from the writer’s room indicate there is a lot to unpack! Let us get started!

Ronnie And Jeremy

Ronnie and Jeremy are two handsome hunks in this show. Dana will choose one of them over the other in the next season. Will she go for a relationship with the sexy farmer Jeremy? Dana might rekindle her marriage with her good-looking handyman husband, Ronnie. This decision may sound easy because she has two men wooing her. However, it made the writers turn against each other!

Helen’s Life Lessons

In the previous season, fans saw sweetheart Helen flirting and eating ice cream with Erik. However, the news of an accident ruined it for her. Season two begins her storyline by exploring her spark with Erik. She learns a few life lessons on the importance of patience in life and love. Her exchanges with Erik bring her several insights.

Isaac’s Hidden Past

He was about to discover the nature of his relationship with Dana when the accident interrupted the process. Fans have come up with numerous theories about his past, and Anderson is ready to answer them once and for all in season two.

Maddie and Cal

Maddie and Cal are undoubtedly the hottest couples on the show, but fans are in for a wild ride. According to the writers, season two will focus on carrying or discarding the weight of the past. It might have something to do with Maddie and Cal. Their relationship in season two will most definitely surprise fans.

Noreen, the most controversial character of the series, will also return in the second season. Fans have a love-hate relationship with her. According to tvline.com, the writers have said that no one in Serenity is beyond redemption. Maybe, fans could end up liking Noreen after season two.