‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Will Be Broken Into Two Parts

Netflix has finally published new posters for the fourth season of much sci-fi horror thriller “Stranger Things,” disclosing that the next season would be split into two halves, keeping viewers on their toes since the launch of the new edition.

Season 4 has been teased by the creators of “Stranger Things” for a long time now. Following the teasers, the show’s creators have released new posters starring Brett and GelmanDavid Harbour.

“Stranger Things 4” Part 1 will debut on May 27th, followed by Volume 2 on July 1st, according to the news posters. In a statement to fans published on Netflix’s blog, creators Ross Duffer and Matt, known as the Duffer Brothers, affirmed the same. The renewal of the show for a 5th season was also announced in that letter, reports IOL.co.za.

Hardest Season Ever

“‘Stranger Things 4’ was perhaps the hardest season ever, as well as the most gratifying, with nine screenplays, over 800 pages, approximately 2 years of filming, hundreds of special effects shots, and a duration nearly twice as long as any prior season.”
The Duffer Brothers commented, “Everyone involved is tremendously proud of the outcome, and we can’t wait to watch it with you.”

“With the unparalleled length, and in order to send it to you as soon as possible,” they said, Season 4 will be issued in two volumes. “Volume One would be released on May 27th, followed by Volume Two on July 1st, five weeks later.” So there you have it, the good news. It’ll be here soon. It’s also greater than it’s ever been. It is also the start of the end.”

“It’s been six months after the Battle of Starcourt, that brought dread and carnage to Hawkins,” according to the official definition received by Variety. Their circle of pals is struggling with the repercussions for the first time — and navigating the difficulties of junior high hasn’t made things any easier.

A new and terrifying supernatural menace emerges at this most vulnerable moment, posing a horrible puzzle that, if answered, could ultimately put a stop to the Upside Down’s atrocities.